Alien Face Peelers

Nothing puts more fear into one of the secret elite than a person who has no fear of aliens

Reports have been coming out of South America that there are alien attacks occurring in remote villages. Reports indicate that they are all occurring at villages that do not have much technology and that they occur near water. The aliens have received the name Face Peelers.

Now I have to admit this sounds like a plot from a movie script…. Two of them in fact. Both Signs and Predator. Signs because of the obvious water reference and Predator because it sounds like the aliens are taking trophies. And that they are wearing some sort of body armor and have giant insect features.

I have maintained for years that Hollywood is part of the cover up of the alien presence on our planet. Because for years I have heard of some technology existing or some particular story of an alien encounter that was classified … then miraculously that exact script shows up to be made into a movie. Predator being an obvious example of aliens hunting people in the forest.

But lesser known examples are Kingsman and the technology that the bad guy used in that film. I heard many years prior to the movie that there was a technology being installed in cell towers that could rile the population to the point of violence and that was one of the reason why 5G technology was rushed and installed on every cell tower around that world.

But back to the Face Peelers. I can think of no better way to install fear in the general population than to say “Oh look, we have aliens walking among us and watch out they find your face fascinating and want one as a souvenir.. or lunch…. Or as a disguise …

This is a way for the secreted society to once again say … the general population will freak out if we disclose the alien presence….  My guess is they felt they had to do this because of the blasé response the UAP whistleblower elicited.

Nothing puts more fear into one of the secret elite than a person who has no fear of aliens.

Claude Limberger

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