UAP Whistleblower

Disclosure will come … but I fear it will be quite messy.

There has been much excitement over the latest whistleblower on UAP’s or UFO’s for the old timers

Indeed even the introduction of the new term UAP was reason for excitement. Because it was an obvious ploy to bring UFO’s in the serious investigation light. As UFOs were ridiculed … but now UAPs could be a serious topic.

And indeed there was a movement to bring full disclosure to the world in April of this year… but that was backed away from …again. Only to have those tired of waiting to become whistleblowers.

I will not go into details about the content of what the whistleblowers have said, because frankly those that have paid close attention to what was said is no different from what many have been saying for years. Just watch any episode of Ancient Aliens or Skinwalker ranch to catch up… or catch what Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan or Steve Basset have been saying for years… You will find no new material that has not been said for 80 years plus.

I will say that there was a sense of relief among the secreted crowd who finally told me that they can talk about the subject again. Many checked that it was ok to talk…. But others just started to blab quite frankly…. It was like high school all over again… when you were held to keeping a secret about your best friend and couldn’t say anything until someone else first broke the story.

But now that the whistleblower story fades and the smear campaigns and the denials have started in earnest again…

There is a sense that people are no longer accepting the secrecy anymore. It feels like a great pressure is building on many fronts.

Disclosure will come … but I fear it will be quite messy.

Claude Limberger

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