Glimpses of Other Realities

Glimpses of Other Realities

“The grey Watchers are our remote imaging surrogates
connected to the tall Elders with bio-electric mind projections.”

Vol. II: High Strangeness, Pages 327 to 336 ©1998 by Linda Moulton Howehttps

“There is a predestination doctrine known as the Two Spirit Theology,
in which one’s soul is said to be fated for all eternity, blessed or cursed
as the result of a kind of angelic wrestling match between two of the
‘Watcher’ spirits: … a Good Angel and an Evil Angel, who struggle for
possession of your soul …”
                                                                                                                          – David Flusser, Israeli Biblical scholar commenting on the Dead Sea Scrolls

“The grey Watchers are our remote imaging surrogates
connected to the tall Elders with bio-electric mind projections.”
– Tall Elder to Betty Andreasson Luca, Abductee

After my November 3, 1994, correspondence to The Writers — that included the alleged hybrid photo and CIA/State Department document — Ray Boeche and I talked by phone about my possibly traveling to meet The Writers for a face-to-face discussion around Thanksgiving 1994. But the Writers decided it was too dangerous. Throughout 1995, there were no more discs from them.

In fact, two years evolved to February 1997 without any further contact. By then, I was working hard on my third book, Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II: High Strangeness. The Writers had implied that the truths behind at least some of the UFO phenomena were dark forces in spiritual warfare with light forces. If possible, I wanted their feedback on a section of my working manuscript in Chapter 4: “Body Containers and Souls of Light.”

By then, I was talking with abductee Betty Andreasson about the confusion of Tall pale beings, short grey beings, clones and human/E.T. hybrids on Earth. After her many vivid experiences from age seven in 1944 onward through the next four decades, Betty was convinced that the grey Watchers with whom she had interacted “are remote imaging surrogates connected to the tall, pale Elders (Bible) with bio-electric mind projections.” Ray Boeche agreed that I should try communicating with The Writers again. So, I sent a February 28, 1997, letter attached to my draft pages 317 to 346. Those were pages 320-336 in the final published edition reprinted below. [ Also see Earthfiles Shop for 2-volume book.]

Content in Real X-Files at is presented for consideration in a wide range of phenomena and interpretations, not as proven fact.


Letter from Linda Moulton Howe to The Writers on February 28, 1997. After Linda’s last previous correspondence on November 3, 1994, The Writers had communicated to her through intermediary Ray Boeche that trying to meet up or to continue floppy disc correspondence was too dangerous for all concerned. Two years later, while working on her third book, Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II: High Strangeness © 1998, Linda asked Ray if she could try communicating once again with The Writers and Ray said he would try. Linda’s above letter was sent to The Writers along with book draft pages 317-346, that became pages 320-336 in final © 1998 printed below.








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