Alien Implant Mystery

Alien Implant Mystery

She sensed being lifted up into a bright light, and then unexpectedly, she filled the hypnotherapist’s office with a raw, primal scream: “No! No! No!”

This is where my involvement with Natalie’s implant begins. I am a two-time Emmy Award winning television Director researching and shooting a new television series about the alien presence amongst us and the human challenge of the abduction and implant phenomenon. While this topic is hugely complex and psychologically profound, my hope is to find scientific evidence offering tangible proof of an alien presence amongst us. There is no doubt in my mind that this subject transcends the 3-dimensions we can know through our five senses. That said; there are millions of people who claim to have been abducted who want hard answers to what they’ve undergone.

The woman in the attached pictures throughout this document is collaborating with me in the research of an unidentified object that suddenly appeared beneath the skin of her arm as a child. The outstanding characteristic of this 24-year old implant is that it manifested magnetic properties.

We recently had it surgically removed on camera.

My goal is to find out what it is made of; what it might be; and what unusual or possibly strange characteristics it exhibits. One can’t help but wonder if this may be a tracking device put in her arm since around age 10 for reasons unknown.

I met Natalie at a conference exploring topics about intelligently controlled aerial craft that cannot be identified, as well as topics exploring the possible visitation by alien races to our planet. We spoke together and Natalie shared her story with me.

As a 9 or 10-year-old little girl, she recalls waking up in the middle of the night from a sharp pain in her arm. There was a flash of light, and a sharp, sudden pain. She was frightened. She described being almost paralyzed, as if she couldn’t move.

In the morning she felt something under her skin. She showed the inflicted area to her mother but there was no visible entry wound, though a little bump could be felt beneath the upper part of her right arm. In the days that followed, her pediatrician examined the bump but as there was no pain or ongoing sense of irritation, it was left alone to be observed over time.

Many years passed. As an adult, Natalie once again sought out the opinion of a doctor. This time it was a dermatologist who commented:

“If it isn’t causing pain or getting larger, there is no medical reason to have it removed.”

For 24-years, the hard, capsule-like object never changed shape or size. It remained unobvious, beneath the skin, unless pinched to the surface — about 6 inches down from the top of her shoulder on the upper bicep just below the deltoid, in line with the inner part of the elbow.

Implant CU

Natalie always had a suspicious feeling about this bump. The shock in her childhood of waking from a sudden jolt in her arm was just one aspect. But there was something more. Natalie shared that along with her mother and brother, she has encountered UFO sightings periodically over the years. Equally of interest, Natalie’s father was a civilian contractor leading a Top Secret military project during her childhood. These experiences made Natalie wonder if the object beneath the surface of her skin was some sort of “implant”, perhaps alien in nature. It nagged at her consciousness for many, many years.

I asked Natalie if she could recall any details from her childhood experience. She could not. It was blocked from her memory. I told Natalie about my project and asked if she would be willing to undergo hypnosis to learn more about that experience. She agreed, and shared that she always wanted this object removed because of some strange, uncomfortable association experienced with it that was energetically interfering with her on some hard-to-define level.

I arranged for Natalie to undergo a hypnotic regression session with a leading hypnotherapist who works in the field of UFO/Abduction-related experiences.


Before meeting up with Natalie for the regression session, I asked her to place a powerful neodymium magnet to her arm exactly at the spot where the object rests below the surface of her skin. It attracted the magnet and held it in place. Placing the magnet anywhere else on her arm, it would immediately fall to the ground. Only in that one spot did the magnet hold firmly in place.

Natalie then held a copper wire bracelet, the kind many people wear for arthritic pain, over the same spot. What Natalie then experienced was an extreme shift in temperature from the object transitioning from warm to hot very rapidly.

In retrospect, I should have tested these properties in a scientific lab before surgically removing the sub dermal object. Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to do so at that time and after many doctors refused to assist with my project, I wanted to act quickly once I found one willing to help.

During the hypnotic regression Natalie was brought back to the moment of that young 9 or 10-year-old child lying in bed. She remembered some beings surrounding her but could not identify their faces. She sensed being lifted up into a bright light, and then unexpectedly, she filled the hypnotherapist’s office with a raw, primal scream: “No! No! No!”

Natalie Regression 2

In that moment with cameras rolling, Natalie relived the terrifying memory of herself as a small child being overpowered by a force and presence scaring her beyond control.

It was so intensely haunting that Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, the hypnotherapist, brought Natalie out from the depths of hypnosis and back to her present moment with us in the office as agreed upon by them both prior to the session.

Natalie Regression 3

The first thing Natalie recounted after awaking from the regression was a recurring dream from a very young age about “having a baby or losing a baby.” She was uncertain, other than it was a recurring dream that she related immediately. She then described the moment she felt the implant being inserted. “It was like… Bam! And that’s what woke me up!” She recalled a scene with dark grey metal walls and a white sheet, or perhaps white uniforms. She felt like “they”, whomever “they” are, “came for something.”

After witnessing the intensity of Natalie’s experience, we spoke together and she expressed that after 24-years, she was ready to have the implant removed.

It’s a mystery. And Natalie needs answers. What is this implanted object? What is it made of? And why does it attract magnets? Is it chemical, biological, or elemental in material, and if so, is there any technology to it and what might that be? Also, are there are any isotopes or rare metals that may suggest it has origins beyond our world? Is it manufactured or is it natural?

So on August 26, 2014 we attended the medical clinic of my childhood friend and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Benchetrit (M.D. FRCS).

Natalie x-ray

The X-Ray copy that Natalie scanned and emailed to the surgeon revealed a dark shadow, suggesting that there may be something metallic inside. Natalie told the doctor about the magnetic properties attracting the embedded object. He was curious and placed a little neodymium magnet to her arm. When he observed with his own eyes that it stuck firmly to the spot on her arm, he immediately commented:

 “So its obviously a metallic foreign body of some sort.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 1.50.01 PM

Natalie was prepped for surgery, a procedure that lasted less than 10-minutes. While removing the implant the surgeon observed:

“It looks synthetic. It doesn’t look like something that was just random, just a shard or a piece of shrapnel or anything like that. It looks like it was made. But it is covered in fibrous tissue so it’s very hard to tell for sure what it is. It will be interesting to see what the lab comes up with.”

Implant Operation 2 2014-08-26 - Version 2

What he removed was a 5 by 2-millimetres object — like two tiny balls joined by fibrous skin. The doctor described how the object was encased in very sticky, very thick collagen.

Implant 5x2mm

Looking at the object in the solution of Formalin, it seemed to have thread-like strands in the tissue, but are they threads of tissue or threads of metal?

Implant Operation 8 2014-08-26

This object was assimilated by Natalie’s body for 24-years. There was no rejection, no discomfort. She experienced a sense of relief once it was removed and a deep sense of emotional contentment.

I discovered a strange anomaly immediately after extracting the object from Natalie’s arm.


There was an immediate lack of magnetism — neither from her arm nor from the implant. 

On Natalie’s skin I personally felt the subtle magnetic pull of the tiny disc shaped neodymium magnet. Once the implant was removed and placed inside the bottle of Formalin (a liquid used as embalming fluid and for the preservation of tissue samples) there was no more magnetic attraction when magnets were placed to the glass container either beside or beneath the implant.

How did the magnetism dissipate and what caused it in the first place?

Similar implants removed by Dr. Roger Leir and examined by his team of science associates, Steve Colbern and Dr. Alex Mosier PhD, revealed fascinating results:

  1. Perhaps one of the most fascinating facts was that these objects were magnetic in nature, some gave off a radio frequency of 14.7 MHz
  2. Some of the objects they examined had commonalities with meteorite fragments, metals such as Gallium, Germanium, Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhodium, and Iridium.
  3. They also noted a “deviation of nickel from terrestrial rations that the analysis lab couldn’t explain”, that some of these implants contained nickel with an isotopic ratio not found on planet Earth. They also found nano-fibers very similar to carbon nano-tubes, which suggests the fragments were engineered or manufactured.
  4. All the individuals tested positive to X-rays and CT scans showing metallic or lesser dense foreign objects, and there were no signs of inflammation at all.

This left me in a state of wonder: Can this mysterious object that I am now in possession of possibly validate the abduction and implant phenomenon as a tangible reality?

IMG_7394 - Version 2

To learn more I contacted a leading University where I consulted with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and the Institute for Materials Research.

After two full days of prepping the implant for analysis we visited two different departments. One was to examine the pathology of the tissues. The other was to analyze and determine the material and elemental composition of the object using SEM/EDS, or Scanning Electron Microscopy
with X-ray microanalysis.

To prepare the implant for analysis we split the sample in half where it looked like strands of thin tissue were joining two bulbous clumps of thicker material. We then placed the divided sample in hardened paraffin so as to hold it firmly in place while slicing 3-microns thin pieces (thinner than a human hair) for pathology analysis as well as SEM/EDS.

Cutting the implant copy

As we cut through the implant in layers only a few microns thick, or finer than a single strand of hair, the blade became damaged once it passed through the initial layers of skin. It hit something hard enough to damage the blade multiple times. The pathologist reacted with surprise and this, to me, was initially very encouraging. As tiny as the implant was, we all thought; this looks like metal, though it was too early to be certain.

Implantt slice

With a cleanly flat surface revealed, we brought it to Microscopy and placed it inside the Scanning Electron Microscope for material analysis. What was learned is that the implant is made up of primarily Calcium, Carbon, Oxygen, Phosphorus, and in lesser amounts, Sulfur, Magnesium, and Nitrogen.


In short, we are looking at bone and cartilage.

Image 2-Sp 3

There are no metals or any other rare elements similar to those found in Dr. Leir’s implant samples examined in California. The Microscopy specialist suggested that it is possible, while playing as a child, Natalie may have banged her arm and a very tiny bone fragment became dislodged resulting in the cartilage growing around it. She has seen this before in young children.

That said; two anomalies are of interest.

Though we learned that the material is bone and cartilage, the anomaly remains that blood vessel(s) still actively fed the tissue after all these years. That was “highly unusual”, commented the Pathologist, though “not unheard of.”


More than that, the fact that this bone tissue responded to magnetism under the skin still remains a mystery. It is suggested that I follow up with a physicist who is knowledgeable about magnetism for possible explanations.  In the words of the Biomedical Engineering Pathologist:

“We learned that the specimen contained a fibrous capsule around a fragment of bone that had obviously been lodged in the arm for a very long time. The fibrous capsule looked typical except for the fact that there was some blood vessel ingrowth into the fibrous capsule.

“A fibrous capsule is essentially the body’s way of walling off an object that it determines is foreign. What happens is that a foreign object is in the body. Typically the body tries to chew it up and spit it out or get rid of it. When it can’t do that it creates a wall around it. That is what the fibrous capsule is, that wall around this foreign piece of material.”

“The body is recognizing it as foreign even if it is from the same patient because it is not in the location it is typically supposed to be.”

“No guesses as to why it was magnetic. Definitely a mystery!”

Furthermore, what we also learned was that there was an absence of any immune cells (white blood cells) anywhere in the sample — something difficult to understand, as stated by the Pathologist:

“In my work, I see blood vessel formation all the time. However, when a material is tolerated by the body (as yours was ie no immune cells), and has been encapsulated for a sufficient period of time (say 3 months), most of these blood vessels are resorbed and disappear. I was speaking intuitively when I said I was not expecting to find any. If most are gone after 3 months, surely there ought to be none after 25 years! I have no better answer to give. If you want a quote, I will commit to my previous statements that blood vessels were not expected, and I was surprised to find them.”

When the Pathologist himself is surprised, how do we make sense of this finding?

On the topic of magnetism, the Co-Director at the School of Biomedical Engineering commented:

 “This can’t be normal bone or cartilage as both are diamagnetic and weakly repel magnetic fields.” 

He invited me back to the university for further testing on equipment that he and his associates created based upon a machine in Russia. He wants to see the very core of the object and not just a thin slice from it.

He also suggested that if there were any metals coating or even integrated within the object beneath Natalie’s skin, after 6-weeks immersed in the Formalin solution it is possible they were leached out.

There is more to learn about this anomaly and scientific analysis is still ongoing.

Conclusions? While the magnetic pull was not analyzed in a scientific lab, prior to surgically removing the implant Dr. Benchetrit himself placed the magnet on Natalie’s arm and commented;

 “So its obviously a metallic foreign body of some sort.” 

Implant Operation 0 2014-08-26

Questions still remain:

Why would there be a robust network of capillaries going into bone if the bone is a “dead bone chip” from 20 years ago?

And more outstandingly: How did a magnet stick to a foreign object implanted within the arm before surgery if it is only bone and cartilage? Bone and cartilage do not attract magnetism!

Further testing remains to be done.

Until then, the truth behind Natalie’s implant remains an unsolved mystery.


Copyright Sid Goldberg, Publisher,

Photos by Sid Goldberg and Ryan Coxworthy 2015

Sid Goldberg

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  • Bill
    May 20, 2016, 11:12 pm

    I believe this device may have ‘self destructed’. That was the first thing that came to mind. It altered its atomic structure.

    There was an incident at a nuclear storage fascility where a UFO hovered over a uranium storage bunker, did something, then left. All the uranium inside was turned into a powder material. I want to say it was like talcum or calcium or something like that.

    They make things with coatings of 2 microns thin with extreme precision with no problem. They should be able to cause a small, extremely sophisticated device to self destruct in an amazing fashion that we would probably think impossible, but to them is like nothing at all.

    Imagine also, from their perspective, being able to tell the device via communication to self destruct also, where in it turns into a material that the human body would vent out of the body via normal fashion like it would anything else.

    • Sid@Bill
      May 21, 2016, 9:20 am

      Interesting idea, Bill. Another expression that comes to mind is "Self Activated". In the follow up article to this I will show pictures and report on a new anomaly that appeared post surgery that is fascinating to see. Perhaps if had a scene background it would be less sensational and that is why want to do scientific testing on it, but wait for the article and see for yourself how this new object morphed, evolved, or grew from the last one! Self activating perhaps, more than self destructing! Thank’s for your ideas on this.

      • Holly Noelle@Sid
        May 28, 2016, 11:45 pm

        August 1961 I was abducted with my sister and grandmother.

        • Sid Goldberg@Holly Noelle
          June 13, 2016, 3:52 pm

          Hi Holly… Please write directly to me about your experience and we can discuss it more fully if you are up to that. The email address is on the contact page. Thanks.

  • Joseph Burkes MD
    June 24, 2016, 12:48 am

    I am curious if a powerful magnet was filmed while it was being held in place over the foreign body site.

    In a separate matter I am about to go public with a strange contact event that happened during fieldwork 22 years agoin which I may have been present during a forceful insertion of a foreign body into the leg of a fellow contact worker. During that encounter in Joshua Tree National Monument we were entertained by several anomalous nocturnal lights that moved in small jumps across the sky and appeared to follow spoken requests for them to trace out in the sky simple geometric forms like a circle and a triangle. After the encounter I ordered an X-ray that showed a small ceramic density foreign body in the skin. Later my contactee friend complained of increasingly severe discomfort in his leg and he alleged that he had a visitation by "ETs" that apologized and removed the foreign body. I repeated the X-ray and the foreign body previously noted by the radiologist was no longer present. Was I present during the implantation of an alien implant or the witness of an elaborate hoax. I will post my report on my Facebook page called "Contact Underground."

    • Sid Goldberg@Joseph Burkes MD
      June 29, 2016, 2:25 am

      Yes, we filmed the magnet being placed on Natalie’s arm during her interview as well as by the surgeon who performed the operation just prior to removing it. Please share your article with us here at


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