The New Media

The New Media

Television news is dying and is burning itself out.

Television news is dying and is burning itself out. The importance of new news services like Earth Mystery News (EMN) is that, these new sources of information were not previously available to the public. In fact, there is wide evidence that most of the topics we at EMN are bringing to light, has suppressed by the traditional news sources.
There has been a long and hard look by the industry upon itself and now that it is in its death throws. Intellectuals are analyzing its demise. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (director of research at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Press/Politicand) and Richard Sambrook (professor of journalism at Cardiff University and a senior research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism) have recently published an in depth report about what is happening to television news.
In their report they are trying to encourage existing news agencies to embrace the new paradigm of how the average person is now receiving their news … mainly online … like you the reader of this article is doing at this moment. In fact the majority of those under thirty years of age, don’t even own a tv, let alone watch television news. Internet video, commentary and opinion rules the hearts of the young. Just as those of my generation who were the first to watch tv in color, the current generation has been nursed with knowledge from the internet.
That is why supporting news services like EMN is important to the future of knowledge itself. We endeavor to bring news from the findings and from those that study topics that were previously ridiculed. (Ancient Archaeology, Earth Mysteries, Experiencers, Contactees, Abductees, UFO News and from topics of new and sometimes suppressed Science and Technology and from the latest discoveries made in Space.) We at EMN will do our best to bring to you legitimate stories from all of these subjects, with the goal of making it okay to talk about these topics without fear of ridicule.

There is much to report upon. We have some stories that we are working on that will change the world. We hope to bring them to you sooner rather than later. Some of our reporters have stories that need to be heard. I too, have many stories and I am working with entrepreneurs with new technologies that will literally change the way we do things. But we need your support. Follow us on social media and share with your friends, letting them know that we exist and are a reliable source of information.

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