Rendlesham Forest Incident Update

Rendlesham Forest Incident Update

“I have real reservations about the alleged binary code download as it didn’t emerge until 2010 on the 30th anniversary of the event.”

Considered by many to be the most important UFO encounter to date, The Rendlesham Forest Incident is also the most controversial. In late December 1980, there were a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights in the Rendlesham ForestSuffolk, England, which have become linked with firsthand accounts by multiple military personnel of UFO landings. The events occurred just outside RAF Woodbridge, which was used at the time by the U.S. Air Force. USAF personnel including deputy base commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt claimed to see things they described as a UFO sighting. While many military experts have come forth to share their firsthand experiences, there remains some confusion about some of the details.


From Joe to EMN and Gary Heseltine


I would like to forward this e-mail to one of your authors Gary Heseltine in regards to the UFO Incident at RAF Woodbridge/Bentwaters. My understanding he has been working closely with Col. Halt. I realize he (Col. Halt) confirmed a beam of light was shown down on at least one of the bunkers, but he was not there but upwards of one mile away ( from books I have read ) I assume even at that distance he and his team was able to see the beam. Why isn’t more Security Police personal confining this statement , as they where actually there protecting the munitions?

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt – USAF (Ret.) 

I also read that Ssgt Neville Monroe  ( NCOIC Of the Disaster Preparedness   ) stated that there was some type of disturbance ( where the laser beam penetrated the bunker ) my understanding is he was with Col. Halts team at the time, so where did he get this information from and is there any information as to what type of penetration it was, that is available to read?

What about the statement by AIC Burroughs that one to two days later a military transport plane from Langley AFB with OSI and the US government officials from the CIA landed at Woodbridge/Bentwaters to investigate the effects of the beams and the conditions of the munitions that are housed inside the weapons storage area, any information that someone has more information about that?

RAF Bentwaters WSA (nuclear Weapons Storage Area), my 2-2014 photo from WSA its observation tower (Photo: Peter Robbins)

I find it interesting that events change, as a example on TV programs they state upwards of three SP personal actually seen the craft up close. Other TV programs say only Ssgt Jim Penningston actually seen and touched it, what’s the real story from your source.

Why the discrepancy about Ssgt Jim Penningston account when he wrote in his black book  ( with drawing sof the craft ) he wrote the time in civilian time ( I believe he wrote it 12:30 AM ) and not military ?  I also believe he entered the wrong day.

These glyphs were logged by Sgt. Penniston

Any information on your end that is available would be appreciated




From Gary Heseltine to Joe


Halt because of his rank is reluctant to confirm that it was a nuclear base but Larry Warren already has. I know it was nuclear because I worked at two almost identical facilities in the RAF. 54 people were on shift which makes it clearly a nuclear base on the numbers alone.

Halt saw a beam coming down in the general direction of the Weapon Storage Area from his position in the forest however he couldn’t visually confirm that due to the terrain between him and the WSA. So he turned his radio to the Whiskey channel – the WSA – and heard the guy in the tower confirming that beams were being shone down into the bunkers.

After he came back from the forest he later saw Colonel Williams, the base commander, and told him about the beams and that the ‘ordinance’ should be checked out. Halt didn’t elaborate more but I suspect he does know more.

I recently saw Monroe Nevels in a newish documentary state that some of the weapons (nukes) were taken away.

I recently went public with his comment made in front of me and my wife on Saturday 6th November 2010 as we walked through the forest that ‘there were more nuclear weapons in the WSA at Bentwaters than anywhere else in Europe.’

Halt, Penniston and Burroughs confirm that they saw unusual activity on the base in terms of transport aircraft landing and ‘unknown’ personnel being out in the forest – a possible retrieval/clean up team I suspect who were rumoured to be from CIA at Langley.

The only people to see the craft close up on the first night were Penniston and Burroughs however there descriptions are very different.

Penniston was the one who approached the landed triangular object and touched it.

I have real reservations about the alleged binary code download as it didn’t emerge until 2010 on the 30th anniversary of the event.

I would have to check on the pocket book entry but if you are correct I would find it odd that during his military service that he did not write the date and time down in military format i.e 26 DEC 80 0030 hours as would be used in the RAF.




Gary Heseltine – Constable Detective (Ret.) at the Citizen’s Hearing for Disclosure Photo: Sid Goldberg

By Gary Heseltine for Earth Mystery News

Gary Heseltine

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  • Marko Barrows
    June 10, 2016, 4:36 am

    Recently Nigel Henbest, the British "science popularizer" stated on one of the American television shows, while sitting next to a cheap Refractor telescope, that Colonel Halt and the other soldiers saw the star Sirius, and that explained the three day incident. The fact Colonel Halt has verified the document (memo from 01/13/1981) he composed makes the document a solid piece of historical evidence. Henbest must not have read Colonel Halts memo because as far as I can tell stars never "..move rapidly in sharp angular movements…throw off glowing particles…(or) beam down a stream of light from time to time". Henbest comes across as an uninformed man who comments without actually knowing what he is commenting about; sad for a man with such respectable credentials. All Henbest had to do was read the memo to know it was obvious Halt and the other men had not been looking at Sirius. It is also patently obvious he never listened to Colonel Halts full audio recording. Anyone who HAS heard it and has the capacity for scientific deductive reasoning such as Professor Henbest, would not have made the comments he did. Colonel Halt and his men should be viewed as cogent competent highly trained military observers who were charged with the duty of maintaining the security of the most important nuclear armed airbase in Europe.

  • Joe
    June 21, 2016, 6:22 pm

    I would have to check on the pocket book entry but if you are correct I would find it odd that during his military service that he did not write the date and time down in military format i.e 26 DEC 80 0030 hours as would be used in the RAF

    Where you able to find out if SSgt Jim Penniston actually wrote the date and time in his black book in civilian or military ?

    • Joe@Joe
      November 20, 2016, 12:34 am


      Where you able to confirm or deny in regards to how SSgt Penniston wrote up the time and date in his black book whether it was in civilian format or military? The UFO video from a broadcast briefly showed they where written in civilian format, ( which I believe was the wrong time that he entered in his book ) if true would be odd.

      Thank You


      • Joe@Joe
        January 3, 2017, 12:33 am

        Penniston first showed this notebook publicly on the Sci Fi channel documentary UFO Invasion at Rendlesham broadcast in 2003 December. (This is the same notebook which in 2010 December we were told also contained many pages of telepathically downloaded binary code, but more of that in the 30th anniversary update, below.) Immediately we can see a problem – the notebook contains the wrong date and time for the event.

        The first page, shown above, is headed with the date “27 Dec 80”. Below is written “12:20. Response notes. A/C [i.e. aircraft] crash. Adjacent East Gate.” At the bottom of the next page is another time, 12.51. These times should should really be expressed as “0020”, “0051”, etc. The 24-hour clock is standard in military, aviation and emergency services usage, and at the time of the Rendlesham incident Penniston came under all three headings, so why he used the civilian 12-hour clock is a puzzle.

        Penniston claims to have made these notes and sketches at the time of the incident. When I asked him in 2010 April, via the Rendlesham Forest Incident online forum, to explain the inconsistency in date and time with the known date and time of the incident (i.e. 3 a.m. on December 26), he replied that the figures in his notebook “are the actual time and date of the event”. Unfortunately, we have independent evidence that they are not. This basic error in date and time is enough to raise serious doubts about whether the notes were made during the encounter as Penniston claims.

        I apology for stating Penniston wrote the date in civilian time, from this program it is written in military format except he got the day wrong and time.


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