Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs experts to examine Hillary Clinton’s intention to reveal X-Files

Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs experts to examine Hillary Clinton’s intention to reveal X-Files

Former Deputy Prime Minister heads Inquiry Panel

Toronto [ZNN] The former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, will lead a panel of international experts examining government documents on the phenomenon of UFOs and the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
The Inquiry will also examine public statements  being made by Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman John Podesta on her intention to reveal America’s UFO files if she is elected President in November.
The first Canadian national inquiry into UFOs will take place in Brantford Ontario, Canada on Saturday June 25 as part of the Alien Cosmic Expo, June 24-26, at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn & Conference Centre.
All of the documentation that acquired by hearing adjudicator Victor Viggiani proves beyond any doubt that the matter of UFOs has reached into the White House and has now become embedded in the US Presidential election campaign.
Two of the seven key witnesses called to testify at the Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs are American lobbyist Stephen Bassett, Executive Director of the Paradigm Research group and Canadian researcher Grant Cameron.
Bassett and Cameron are experts on the Clinton family’s ongoing and widely known interest in UFOs, Area 51 and ETs. They will provide unimpeachable proof in the form of letters – called the Rockefeller Initiative that categorically proves America’s First Family of Politics has an unwavering interest in the UFO matter.
The letters also demonstrate how dozens of correspondences were exchanged among President Bill Clinton, President Clinton’s Science Advisor Dr. Jack Gibbons and philanthropist Laurance S. Rockefeller from 1993 to 1996.
In these letters Rockefeller made formal requests to the President and his advisors to end UFO secrecy and to bring about open discussion on the existence of ETs. The letters also crossed the desk of then First Lady Hillary Rodman Clinton. Canadian researcher Grant Cameron’s FOIA requests to the Clinton Library unearthed nearly 1,000 letters.
Interestingly, John Podesta served as President Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff while the Rockefeller letters were crossing the desks of White House officials and such public dignitaries as astronomer Carl Sagan, Rockefeller’s solicitor Henry Diamond and the Rev. Billy Graham.
 Podesta also served as Co-Chair of Barack Obama’s White House Transition Team and later an advisor to President Obama until last year. It is of even greater interest that Podesta is now Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. He is on record  of asking her to pledge to release UFOs if she is elected President.
Public Statements made by Hillary Clinton – John Podesta and President Bill Clinton on the UFO matter
– Hillary Clinton on National Television – HERE
– President Bill Clinton – Ireland Speech – National Television
– John Podesta on CNN – CBS TV News – Washington National Press Club
– John Podesta’s Tweet after leaving the Obama White House Team:
Press on Hillary Clinton and UFO files:
All Video Coverage HERE
Other US and International Press coverage – HERE
View the Rockefeller Letters here. The letters at this site represent only 167 of the nearly 1,000 letters memos and faxes involving the White House and Laurance S. Rockefeller. These letters have never been reported on by the Canadian press.
 “There’s a real story here,” said Hearing co-ordinator Bob Mitchell. “In all of my years in journalism there has never been a story like this. It has national security, government secrecy and Hillary Clinton written all over it. Any Canadian media outlet that decides to cover this story will get it first hand from Bassett and Cameron and be way out in front of this breaking news.”   
Seven expert witnesses from the UK, USA and Canada including The Hon/ Paul Hellyer – will present testimony before a panel of adjudicators and journalists and academics. Each expert witness will present testimony and documents proving the UFO/ET issue has been discussed, analyzed, investigated and sequestered at the highest levels of governance on the planet.
Following the testimony by each expert witness – a panel of Canadian journalists and academics will question and challenge the testimony of each of the expert witnesses.
The Inquiry will run from 9am to 1pm at the BEST WESTERN Brantford Hotel and Conference Centre
Hearing Adjudicator Victor Viggiani has stated: “The Canadian government has in fact released some 9500 UFO files. These can be found at Library and Archives Canada – but they only tell part of the story.” Viggiani feels these are only a small part of a compendium of air traffic control, RCMP and NORAD documents in his possession that indicate the Canadian government has taken UFOs seriously since the mid 1950’s but has never commented on the matter publicly.
One letter to Viggiani obtained through an Access to Information request from NORAD headquarters indicates an average of 1800 “unknowns” per year over the last five years have been tracked on radar with 75 intercepts. Another partially redacted 6 page Air Traffic Control Flight Log Viggiani has from the Ministry of Defence of two NORAD CF18’s scrambled to chase 3 “unknown tracks” states; “CONTACT MADE AT 35,000 feet.
Viggiani went on to say: “We are gathering seven of the world’s most renowned experts to present their best arguments and evidence on the UFO matter. We have enlisted an objective panel of Canadian journalists and academics who will question and challenge the testimony of the planet’s finest research minds on this subject. There is no doubt this first Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs will raise questions that have remained in the dark about UFOs and ET contact. The Inquiry will – with unprecedented clarity  – outline and expose how Canada has played a significant role in the UFO cover-up. We have the documents to prove it. It will be the story of the year leading into the Presidential election and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge of more transparency in government.”
Bob Mitchell added: “Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the UFO matter will indeed figure prominently in this inquiry. Having a dignitary like Hellyer involved in this is huge. Looks like Viggiani and his development team are on track to make history. My take on this? There is enough information to suggest there is something very strange happening here. It’s time this is looked into. No Canadian media – be it television, radio, online or newsprint can afford to miss this event.”
For more details on the Inquiry go to ZlandCommunications .
Bob Mitchell and Victor Viggiani For
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