Cylindrical UFO Caught In Pictures

Cylindrical UFO Caught In Pictures

What we were seeing was a cylinder-shaped object twirling or spinning ever so slowly in a clockwise direction at an almost slow-motion momentum.

In a post this evening by , featured on , her friend Annick Barrientes captured an object in the clouds photographed below.

“My friend was driving through Sumter, South Carolina near Shaw Air Force Base and captured this whatever it is in the clouds.  We have no idea what it is  and would love some feed back.  I’ve included the original photo and some enlargements.  Thanks.”

The object captured by Annick Barrientes may well be a reflection, as it is taken  from inside the car, yet there is nothing else reflected in the shot, thus it makes one consider that it may very well be a cylindrical UFO. Why do I think so?

Upon seeing the pictures it awakened my own memory of a sighting that my girlfriend and I experienced on the Full Moon evening after midnight on August 3rd, 2015. The sky was clear, star-filled, and beautiful.

At 12:24 AM, I noticed some movement in my peripheral vision. In the sky travelling from northwest of my downtown condo rooftop location towards the moon that was southeast of Toronto, was a subdued, almost shadow-like object. I pointed to the sky and asked my girlfriend:

“Do you see what I’m seeing?”

She immediately responded:

“It’s tumbling.”

I excitedly jumped in on her description and qualified her observation:

“Tumbling means it’s falling. This is not falling. It’s twirling on an even trajectory, spinning slowly clockwise!”

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.37.57 AMHere we are pointing at the cylinder slowly rotating clockwise surrounded by a light green and amber halo seen with my girlfriend next to me atop my Toronto downtown condo building. The full moon is in far upper right corner.                    Illustration © 2015 by Douglas Vanasselstine.

Alison asked:

“Is it a satellite?”

I said, “Satellites are orbiting at least 400-500 kilometers high (about 300 miles up). We can’t see them except as a dot of light passing by. But this is flying below the commercial jets overhead!”

The average jet cruise altitude is between 30,000 to 45,000 feet above mean sea level, or about 6 to 8.5 miles. With regular flight paths over the city, it is easy to observe that up until about 10,000 feet high, the commercial jets keep their bright frontal lights on after takeoff. Then beyond that altitude, they’re turned off. This object was below those commercial jets.

What we were seeing was a cylinder-shaped object twirling or spinning ever so slowly in a clockwise direction at an almost slow-motion momentum. It very much looked like the videos of a satellite rotating through space, yet close enough for us to see its shape and form with the naked eye. It was cylindrical and traveled within a larger halo of subdued light, slowly alternating between amber and green. It looked like the cylinder was a 4:1 ratio, possibly 5:1 of length to width.

Against fingers raised against the sky, it measured approximately 5-7mm and with the halo added was closer to 7-10 mm in diameter. The slowly rotating object was lower than the few scattered clouds.

I did not have a camera or phone, but I did have a very powerful astro-laser pointer that I use to point out the different constellations and stars as a hobby. So I immediately directed my green laser pointer at the cylinder passing overhead and hit it with the beam a number of times, much like I could see the laser hit the side of a building in the distance with a focused dot. The cylinder’s surface seemed like it was a reflective, metallic-like  surface judging by the green laser’s reflectiveness. I zapped the cylinder multiple times as it was moving in the direction of the moon. As it rotated silently across the sky towards the southeast direction of the full moon, the cylinder disappeared from view obscured by the moon’s brightness.

Both Alison and I saw this cylinder. Not only that, we both saw the powerful green laser pointer reflect off the object as it twirled slowly overhead. As if defying the laws of gravity and behaving more like an object floating in space, how can a cylinder-shaped object sustain itself in the sky below an altitude of 10,000 feet without aerodynamic wing design or standard jet propulsion?

This was a total mystery of high strangeness and the photographs below are the most similar objects I have seen to date, resembling the sighting I had in August 2015.


Strange something in the clouds

Second Enlarge

3rd Enlarge


Copyright Sid Goldberg 2016 for Earth Mystery News.

Sid Goldberg

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  • Kandice Moore
    June 18, 2016, 8:05 am

    Hey Sid! Thanks for the information share and the credit. I just want to point out that I did not capture this image, it was my friend Annick Barrientes. If you could please edit that one part that says it was captured by me and credit her name please. Thanks. 🙂

    • Sid Goldberg@Kandice Moore
      June 18, 2016, 10:29 am

      Thanks, Kandice. The edit has been made. A number of people suggest that the photo may be a reflection from inside the windshield of your car. Shooting behind glass is never accurate. What do you think? Can you describe anything more about your sighting. Was it moving? Was it spinning or twirling? Did it go up or down, stay vertical or move horizontally? Any other information including the road you were on, the date and time of day will be helpful. Thanks!

      • Kandice Moore@Sid Goldberg
        June 18, 2016, 10:32 pm

        I too thought it was just a reflection, but I’ve studied it and I don’t think it is. She noticed the cylinder after she’d taken the photo. After some digging, I’ve gotten a little feed back that might explain the photo. I have a friend that works at Shaw AFB and he said that a funnel cloud was spotted in Sumter that day and a tornado actually did touch down in Kingstree SC about an hour away. I really appreciate you sharing and the story of what you saw was fantastic too. I’m an admirer of your work so this really is an honor. While the hole in the cylinder shapes makes me question if this is funnel cloud, the events of the day leads to believe that it just might be.


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