New Death Bed UFO Testimony from High Level Canadian Official

He has a story he wanted to get off his chest. He had decided that Paul Hellyer was the man he wanted to tell the story to.

On Saturday June 25, 2016 a major story was revealed at the Alien Cosmic Expo’s – “A Hearing on ET Disclosure,” in Brantford, Ontario.  As you will see, if you read this whole article, it may just point to the operations center of the UFO cover-up.

The Hearing on UFO Disclosure, arranged by Victor Vigianni, involved a panel of UFO researchers presenting best evidence and a panel of reporters who listened and asked questions. Literally hundreds of people, cameras, and reporters jammed the large ballroom.

I was one of the presenters at the Hearing. I presented very statements from the Canadian Government Top Secret memo on flying saucers, and statements made by high ranking United States officials, and from officials with connections to the White House.

There may have been a lot that the reporters had not heard but there was nothing new being presented

 auld hellyer
Paul Hellyer as painted by NYC artist  Doug Auld as part
of his “Whistleblower” series of paintings.

that I had not heard before. That was until the former Canadian Minister of National Defense and former Deputy Prime Minister Paul Hellyer started to take questions related to his testimony.

Hellyer had two important remarks in reply to the questions.

1)      The first thing that he mentioned is that he only saw sighting reports as Minister of Defense which would hint at the fact that the head of Defense in Canada is not briefed or read in on the UFO program. Hellyer stated that he saw UFO sighting reports but he did not pay any attention to them as he was not interested in the subject and was busy trying to combine all the military branches of the Canadian military into one combined force. Then he pointed out a key piece of evidence stating that if he had been interested, and had requested files or a briefing, he could not have been refused. This completely contradicts the conspiracy belief held strongly in the UFO research community that some Wizard of Oz or deep black cabal actually runs the government and that elected officials are simply puppets pretending to be in charge.

2)      The more important and dramatic piece of evidence presented by Hellyer was a story he told about the day he was called to listen to some death bed confession. Paul did not provide dates for the events but he received a call from a man who said that the former head of emergency measures in Canada (let’s call him official X) was dying of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and that he has a story he wanted to get off his chest. He had decided that Paul Hellyer was the man he wanted to tell the story to. This is the story recounted by Hellyer

One additional person in Ottawa who would know is the Chief of Emergency Measures. The reason I know is that I interviewed the previous one that the previous one who is now deceased. He went to Langley and the CIA asked him if he wanted to see one of these craft. They flew him to Area 51 and let him go inside one. He was allowed no make notes and all these sort of things, I guess so he could be in a better position if one of these things crashed here and he was involved in trying to do something positive about it. Before he was allowed to go he had to sign an oath of secrecy and not tell anyone, and he didn’t in his life tell anyone including his wife. An Air Force buddy phoned me and told me he was dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and at that point he thought he should tell someone. I made an appointment with him and my buddy phoned me up and told me “You better get in touch with him right away because he is right on the edge.”
I phoned him and he gave me a full report of what he saw and the whole idea of the inside of the craft, and this sort of thing, along with the fact that he had been briefed. He felt that he could now tell, and I would be a good one to tell.[1]

 Brantford Panel
The Alien Cosmic Expo’s – “A Hearing on ET Disclosure,” in Brantford, Ontario. Copyright
Sid Goldberg

This is not the first story of a Canadian official claiming that they were briefed on the UFO reality and shown crafts.

 Wilbur Smith
Wilbert Smith

Wilbert Smith, who headed the official Canadian government program into flying saucers also made death bed confession to his son James related to what he was shown. According to what James told me, just before he died, Smith confirmed that American officials had shown him the bodies and a flying saucer at a base outside of Washington, D.C.

The idea of both Canadian men being briefed confirms the theory that the UFO secret is handled the same way that any other classified matter is. Because it is the highest classified secret in the United States (as related to Smith by American officials), less people are read-in and the security surrounding the program is just tighter. The whole situation can be summed up by a sentence posted by Col. John Alexander on his website – “Those who have a need-to-know do.”

Why is this important?

The testimony of this official is important firstly because it is deathbed testimony can be admitted as evidence in Criminal law trials. Moreover, the testimony was not asked for. The man opted to tell a story and selected Paul Hellyer to hear his deathbed testimony.

The second important thing about the testimony backs up the contention I made in my book The Clinton UFO Storybook. I spend the last part of the book discussing the question of whether or not the United States president is briefed on the UFO subject, if he is not told to provide plausible deniability, or if he does not know because the government is actually run by some unelected cabal.

The revelation by Hellyer that the top emergency management officer in Canada was read-in to the reality of ETs and the fact the United States government has knowledge, would clearly indicate that the US president is fully aware and in control of the UFO mystery. It would be completely nonsensical to propose that foreign officials have knowledge but that US officials don’t.

The Hellyer story indicates that emergency management officials are in the need-to-know of the UFO subject, and this makes total sense. One only has to look back a few days at the unexpected UK vote to leave the European union, to realize that if there were ever a disclosure of the UFO truth there would be a great deal of uncertainty in financial matters, stock markets, in political structures, and in the public.

The equivalent official in the United States to the head of emergency management in Canada is the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The FEMA agency evolved from what was called the Office of Emergency Planning. Looking back this agency, it appears to have played a key role in the management and cover-up of the UFO program.

Emergency Management and the Kecksburg UFO Crash

In 2003, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairperson, John Podesta, helped reporter Leslie Kean to file a

 Podesta Obama
John Podesta

Freedom of Information Act Request for documents related to the December 9, 1965 crash of a UFO at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. In 2005, a lawsuit was filed to force NASA to produce all the documents from the crash which they were reported to have been a key player in the recovery and investigation.

The lawsuit led to the same circular game that every UFO research has experienced related to trying to recover government UFO documents. Steve McConnell, NASA’s public liaison officer, admitted two boxes of documents from the time of the Kecksburg incident were missing. This was very similar to Clinton Library archivists telling me that they cannot find the 991 pages of Rockefeller Initiative documents that I received in 2001 direct from the office of the Science Adviser to the President’s office inside the White House during the administration.

In 2007, the judge summed up the three-year court battle to get a proper reply by NASA to the FOIA. He stated that the previous NASA searches had been, “ball of yarn” that never evaded a proper response to the request. He added, “I can sense the plaintiff’s frustration because I’m frustrated.”

The death bed confession by the head of emergency management in Canada hints at a series of important possibilities.

The first is that the Podesta FOIA may have failed because the request was targeted at the wrong agency. The key documents related to NASA’s involvement in the Kecksburg crash may have been removed from NASA’s control as far back as days after the crash. It would be a similar situation to when the Government Accounting Office investigated the 1947 Roswell UFO crash only to find that all the records from the Roswell Army Air Base from the time period in question were missing.

In my article on the Johnson White House regarding the Kecksburg crash shows many possible connections to events surrounding the crash. On Sunday night, two days after the crash President Johnson arrived back at the White House. The next afternoon, Johnson met off the record for almost 30 minutes with Buford Ellington. Ellington was the head of the Office of Emergency Planning (OEP) or the American equivalent to Official X in Canada.  The OEP was set up inside the Executive Office of the President. This was one of the groups that appeared to have been involved in the Kecksburg crash.

One of the key people under Buford Ellington was USAF Col. J. Leo Bourassa. He headed up the “Special Facilities Division” (SFD) within the Office of Emergency Planning. He and his Special Facilities Division ran the stop secret underground facility where the president and other government officials are to be taken in the event of a nuclear attack. It was Bourassa’s job as President Eisenhower described “to save our government.”

Mount Weather

Mount Weather is also the location of the FEMA National Radio System (FNARS), which a high frequency radio system connects the president to the Emergency Alert System, the federal public safety agencies, the U.S. the military, and with most of the states.

The 600,000 square foot underground facility was known as Mount Weather or High Point, and it is located in West Virginia. The condition in which it would be used is known as a The Continuity of Government Readiness Conditions (COGCON). The president can declare one of 5 COGCON conditions, with black being the highest level. It activates the following,

Activate classified CONPLAN 3502 deploying the military to enforce law and order within the Civilian Control Districts. Seize all private communication facilities and assume control over all civilian voice and data communications. Activate internet kill switch under SOP 303. Commandeer all U.S. domestic resources including food and water. Seize all domestic energy and transportation infrastructure. Deploy the national citizen conscription plan to fulfill any labor required for the purpose of national defense and reconstitution.[2]

The Mount Weather Facility is the center of America’s highest-level emergency planning, known since the 1950s as Continuity of Government (COG) planning, or inside the Pentagon as “the Doomsday Project.” A Top Secret security clearance is required by everyone that has access the site.

At the time of the December 1965 Kecksburg crash the facility was totally unknown to the public. It would only become known in 1974 when a plane crashed near the facility. The facility was very secret as Bob Blair, spokesman for FEMA would later point out when asked about Mount Weather. “I would be glad to tell you,” said Blair, “but afterward I would have to kill you.”

It was Bourassa’s name that appeared in the USAF UFO Project Blue Book documents as the recovery of the Kecksburg object was taking place in Pennsylvania. Bourassa was sending messages about hardware that was being recovered in other areas.  The calls were coming from what is now known as the FEMA Operations Center (codename Bluegrass). The USAF file only identified the code name of the Top Secret facility and nothing more. It was not until 2009 that I figured out what code Blue Grass stood for. The Blue Book document stated,

(Time) 23:23 – Mr. J.L. Bourassa, Chief, Special Facilities Division, OEP, code Blue Grass, called and advised that Mr. _______________had called him and advised him with this info. My man __________ has been given 2 pieces of aluminum type material near Lapier, Mich. Area. Mr. ______ was trying to be wary of a hoax. Mr. ___________ would like to be informed of the latest developments.

(Time 23:40) As a result of this call from Mr. Bourassa I called Mr. ______ to obtain a firsthand account of what he thinks he has. The three pieces are to be brought to him in the morning by Mr. ______. He asked if we minded if he kept one piece to a spectral analysis on it. I said go right ahead but send the other two. The pieces were reported as not being very charred; however, the other people finding these “pieces” said they showered from the sky and are spread over a wide area. Mr. _____ said the sighting of the fireball was approximately 200 nm north of Flint Michigan.

While at the Johnson library and National Archives I was looking for files on Bourassa and on the “Special facilities Division” to see how it fit into the Kecksburg crash. What I learned about Bourassa is that he, and the organization that he ran, had also been heavily involved in the 1965 blackout of New York City. Like the Kecksburg crash, the New York City power outage had a rumored tie to UFOs.

It was in fact during the New York City blackout that the Top Secrecy facility went on alert for only
time during the cold war. Reports were coming in about UFOs [3]related to the blackout but the big alert was caused by something triggering 21 Atomic Bomb Display System 210 units[4] scattered across the United States and Greenland.

“The Bomb Alarm display board at High Point was blazing with yellow lights, indicating that communications links to the BMEWS site in Thule, Greenland, as well as twenty-one other System 210-A sites, had gone down. But worse – much worse – two of the sensors, the ones for Salt Lake City and Charlotte, North Carolina, were showing red. Red for nuclear detonations. Bourassa assumed the worst – that a surgical nuclear attack was under way – and placed Mt Weather on full alert. It was the one and only time that the facility went on alert during the Cold War.”

Bomb Alarm display system 210-a

Post Kecksburg and the Special Facilities Division

It may not be conclusive proof, but it is interesting to note that many of the key people that might have been involved in the Kecksburg crash all strangely showed up for tours at the Top Secret – Special Facilities Division in the days following the crash. These included:

James Webb, the Director of NASA whose agency was rumored to be at the crash site, visited the Special Facilities Division about six weeks after the crash. Col. Bourassa and Kenrick W. Hackett briefed Webb and key staff at NASA on January 28, 1966.

The special team from the Joint Chief of Staff visited the Special Facilities Division on January 20, 1966. General Train (Commanding General of the U.S. First Army) was planning a visit to the SFD in January 1966. The 662nd Radar Squadron at the crash scene was an Army unit.

The 662nd squadron was responsible to Space Command at NORAD. NORAD officials announced an intention to visit the Special Facilities Division the month after the crash.

Lovekin Mount Weather Testimony

Another story that tied in the Continuity of Government operation at Mount Weather to UFOs came from one of the Disclosure Project whistleblower witnesses, Stephen Lovekin. Lovekin was an Army cryptographer in the Pentagon from 1959-61. In his public testimony he stated,

I was fortunate enough to travel around Washington DC area, and I was fortunate enough to speak to one individual who was a government employee. He was not military. I only knew him as Frank, and I first met him at Mount Weather Virginia, Winchester, which is the place many of you might know where the president in case of attack. He told me at that time, the first time that I saw him, because he knew I was interested in this subject matter, that this place also had facilities to track these UFOs.

In a 2003 interview with me he confirmed that he had been at Mount Weather a dozen times and the rumor was that UFOs were being tracked from the facility. “Well that seemed to be the case, Said Lovekin I certainly didn’t see any evidence to that effect. There was talk about it. Yes.”

I asked him, “OK, I guess I just don’t know where you got that. Someone had told you that?” Lovekin replied, “Someone told me that – yes.”[5]

Government Within the Government

During the Clinton administration the president was faced with a UFO question by senior White

Sarah McClendon and President Clinton

House reporter Sarah McClendon. Referring to the work that was being done to get disclosure on the issue by the Disclosure Project run by Dr. Steven Greer, McClendon asked, “Why don’t you do something to help this group?” President Clinton leaned over and said, ‘Sarah, there’s a government inside the government and I don’t control it.”

Could the Continuity of Government operation at Mount Weather be what he was referring to?

The COG has been described in almost the same terms that Clinton used. COG was called extraconstitutional because it would pick a new president without the vote of the public and the whole thing was outside the constitution.

The COG, during the Reagan administration, actually operated as a second government during the Iran arms scandal. Investigators discovered that Col. Oliver North was using the elaborate communications system, known as the Flashframe to bypass normal government communications channels.

The lead counsel for the Senate Iran-contra committee went as far as to call the COG unit a “secret government-within-a-government.”[6] The plan provided plausible deniability to White House officials that they were not involved in unconstitutional or illegal activities. Those, in the White House who did pick up on the activities, ignored them out of a belief that the advisers were operating with presidential sanction.

It was during that period when Oliver North drew up “a controversial plan to suspend the Constitution in the event of a national crisis, such as nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent or national opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad.”[7]

Enter Col. John Alexander

In a June 15, 2013 interview with radio host Nancy Du Tetre Col. Alexander dropped a bombshell. Alexander is a former US Army Colonel who has studied UFOs since 1947. He did a Ph.D. in thanatology with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and who is noted as the man behind the development of non-lethal weapons for the US military.

The bomb that Alexander dropped dealt with the existence of a group known as MJ-12. Alexander
mentioned that one of the many high level people in government that he has asked about UFOs confirmed to him that a group known as MJ-12 had existed.

MJ-12, according to unsubstantiated documents leaked in the mid-1980s reported to be the ultimate control small group in charge of the entire UFO story. The documents stated that it had been formed in 1947 under a secret Executive Order signed by President Truman. The fact that it was an EO meant that the program would be run right out of the executive office of the president. Alexander is one of a number of people who have confirmed the group did actually exist. One key example is the assistant to Admiral Tom Wilson, who served as the head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Clinton.

John Alexander Book

This is what Alexander told Du Tetre,

I had someone whisper to me that (MJ-12) had existed. I didn’t think it had existed at all, but when I looked into it and asked if the names were correct, and they said yes and that should tell me what I need to know to figure it out.[9]

Alexander told Du Tetre that he did not believe that the group had anything to do with UFOs saying,

I think that there actually was a group and they were created something known as COG – continuity of government – and it was to prevent nuclear decapitation of the United States. It was really super super sensitive.[10]

The continuity of government that Alexander believed was behind the MJ-12 group was located at Mount Weather. Although Alexander has never referred to who it was that whispered in his ear, it appears now that there is a good chance Alexander’s source was associated with the continuity of government plan or worked at Mount Weather, and that is what gave Alexander the idea that that is what may have been behind the MJ-12 group.

One possibility is Robert Kupperman, who was a friend of Alexander’s. Kupperman would have been at the center of the Continuity of Government as former Executive Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness, and Transition Director at the FEMA. The two men had, according to Alexander discussed UFOs but according to Alexander’s book ”UFOs, Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities” it was not on the organizations radar.

“The responsibilities of FEMA went far beyond natural disaster relief and the entire scope would amaze most people. In our discussions, it was obvious that contingencies for even contact with ET were not on its priority list – it was never even thought about in emergency organizations at which he worked.”[11]

It is possible that the head of emergencies measures in Canada is read-in, but the head of his American FEMA counterparts were in the dark. It doesn’t seem very likely. If the head of the Canadian emergency management was briefed on the UFO/ET then it comes as no surprise that the reality would appear in emergency management documents in the United States.

Enemy Attack and UFO Potential

Although Alexander’s friend at FEMA claimed that the idea of aliens has very crossed the radar of the organization the public evidence tells a much different story.

In 1992 FEMA issued the second edition of the “Fire officer’s Guide to Disaster Control.” The manual ran 641 pages with chapters on disaster planning, training and preparation, communications management, catastrophic fires, civil disorders and riots, transportation and weather disasters, hazardous material incidents, and mass casualties. The manual was written by William M. Kramer, Ph.D and Charles W. Bahme, J.D.

Chapter 13, however, was the one that caught everyone’s attention.  It was titled “Enemy Attack and UFO Potential: The UFO Threat – A Fact.” The chapter opens saying “In this chapter we will now turn our attention to the real threat posed by Unidentified Flying Objects.”

The chapter looks at all the disaster situations that could be initiated by UFOs.

The chapter raises the questions of radio meltdowns, overwhelming technological advantages, and the current state of planetary defense. It even treads into the issue of “how do you dispose of the dead and treat the survivors?” in the event of a UFO crash. According to the authors there really is has never been an official plan of action established, so they quote from a book on flying saucers written by Frank Edwards who was a prominent journalist in the 1950s.


Near approaches of UFOs can be harmful to human beings. Do not stand under a UFO that is hovering at low altitude. Do not touch or attempt to touch a UFO that has landed. In either case the safe thing to do is to get away from there very quickly and let the military takeover. There is a possibility of radiation danger and there are known cases where persons have been burned by rays emanating from UFOs. Don’t take chances with UFOs.”

Then, in April of 2013, FEMA did it again running an exercise described as a “zombie UFO crash” in [1]

 FEMA UFO Manual

Moscow, Latah County, Idaho. The announce stated that it would involve about 100 all first responders in the county as well as surrounding counties, in addition to Community Emergency Response Teams under the auspices of FEMA.

Morrie Goodman, the communications director for FEMA stated that when he was first briefed for his FEMA job he asked if FEMA dealt with UFOs to which he claimed to have gotten the response “get real.” When asked if FEMA approved the FEMA manual Chapter 13 dealing with a UFO attack, Goodman stated, “FEMA does not now nor even has far as preparedness, response and recovery, or any other arena, dealt with the subject of UFOs.”[2]

The Birds Talk about Emergency Preparedness and UFOs

John Alexander was one of a number of sources that were being used by UFO researcher Bill Moore in the 1980s to uncover what the United States government knew about UFOs and what government agencies made up the organizational flow chart. These various officials and intelligence agents were all given bird names so Moore could talk on the phone to associates without using names.

These birds provided Moore with a lot of information detailing how the UFO cover-up operated, and which were the key agencies involved. One of the agencies Moore detailed was the same agencies I had uncovered by tracing back the code name of the messages that were being sent on the night of the Kecksburg UFO crash. That agency was the Special Facilities Division which he placed corrected under FEMA and then to the president which is accurate. This is because FEMA was created by executive order by President Jimmy Carter which would place it in the executive office of the president.

The flow chart released by Moore in 1985 showed the UFO chain of command. At the top of the chain was the President. Below him was as an advisory group known as the Special Advisory Committee to the President on Alien Matters.

Directly below the President in the chain Moore listed “MJ-12-FEMA-NSA.” Making up this group was the “Special Facilities Division – FEMA – C-Group for the NSA”

The CIA Bird Also Sings

Dr. Ronald Pandolfi was one of Bill Moore sources that was given a bird name. Pandolfi, as described Ken Timmerman at American Spectator, as the CIA’s highest ranking scientist in 1996. Pandolfi was also noted as the head of the “weird desk” where UFOs and other phenomenology subjects were handled. This top UFO status at the CIA was confirmed by the fact that when Bill Clinton’s science advisor Jack Gibbons requested a UFO briefing from the CIA in 1993 it was Pandolfi who was tasked with the job.

Although it is hard to confirm exactly what Pandolfi is doing for the government at any particular time, the last location that he was reportedly working was Homeland Security, which contains FEMA.


The evidence clearly seems to show that the emergency management directors in both Canada and the United States were briefed on the truth behind the UFO mystery. They would be in a need-to know position.

This need-to-know would make perfect sense because if there were an alien invasion, or if there were a disclosure of the reality of non-human beings on planet earth, there would be a great deal of fallout many times the level that has occurred with the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union.

In the case of an invasion scenario, the emergency managers of both countries would have access to the most sophisticated communications networks linking into city and state leaders. They would have direct connections to all the military leaders, and the leaders in Congress and the White House, as well as foreign embassies.

Communications would be the key in the country leaders, their governments, and militaries to be in constant contact as they work through the many unforeseen problems that would arise.

The emergency management people would be on a need-to-know as there would have to be a plan in action to deal with the non-human situation. There would be no time once the disclosure of attack started to start to figure out what to do.

This makes the testimony of the emergency management director critically important in the research to find out how our tax dollars are being used to deal with the UFO situation. The testimony is also critically important because it gives strong support to the fact that the governments know some of the truth behind UFOs and are doing something to handle the situation.

Article Copyright 2016 Grant Cameron, White House UFO

Video by Sid Goldberg, copyright 2016


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