The Rendlesham Forest Incident: A Firsthand Account From The Original Whistleblower

If it were not for Larry Warren this story would be unknown to the world as it was a nuclear tampering case involving extraterrestrials.

The Rendlesham Forest is a large pine forest in Suffolk, England, about 130 kilometers northeast of London. Nearby are the twin NATO air bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. At the time both bases were being leased to the United States Air Force and used as a secret nuclear weapons storage facility. What is important to note here is that storing nuclear arms was against the Geneva Convention rules that stated that no NATO bases could house nuclear missiles on a military base. Thus it has to be highlighted that The Rendlesham Forest Incident was an incident of international significance.

Larry Warren, a member of the US Air Force Security Police, was posted there on the 1st of December 1980, at the age of 19.

Just a few weeks later, Larry was involved in an encounter that occurred in the Rendlesham Forest, which later became known as, The Rendlesham Forest Incident, also referred to as ‘Britain’s Roswell’.

It is undoubtedly one of the best documented and most significant military encounters with Crafts of Unknown Origin, or UFOs. It is also a case that involved highly credible witnesses, trained United States Air Force observers and Security Police, like Larry Warren.

The incident spanned three evenings during Christmas of 1980.

Over the course of those three nights of Christmas 1980, several UFO incidents, including multiple-witness sightings by military personnel, with ground traces, and radioactive anomalies were reported from Rendlesham forest, where RAF Bentwaters was located.

Night 1 was an Unidentified Craft landing in the forest witnessed up close by Sgt. James Penniston and U.S. Air Force police officer, John Buroughs.

Night 2 three depressions, 1 1/2″ deep and 7″ in diameter were found where the object had been sighted on the ground as well as peak radiation readings in the three depressions and near the center of the triangle formed by the depressions. Also, Lt. Bonnie Tamplin encountered phenomenon near RAF Woodbridge so terrifying that she refused to work night shift from that point onward.

Night 3 was an experience taking place in two different areas of the Rendlesham Forest. One was an encounter with beams of light shining down from an unidentified aerial craft witnessed by the most senior officer on the base, deputy base commander Lt Col Charles Halt, who wrote a memo to the UK Ministry of Defense summarizing the event.

The other involving multiple military personnel including Larry Warren as a security policeman.

Because this happened in the forest between the two NATO Bases where nuclear missiles were being stored illegally in violation of the Geneva Convention, this was a nuclear tampering UFO case. The (ONI) Office of Naval Intelligence and the (AFSS) Air Force Security Service came to the base to brief the military witnesses and impose a veil of secrecy that continues until this day.

If it were not for Larry Warren this story would be unknown to the world as it was a nuclear-tampering case involving Extraterrestrials. Larry both provided the information needed for the FOIA documents and leaked the Halt Memo to the Press.

EMN is proud to present the man responsible for bringing the story of “Britain’s Roswell” to public awareness. He will forever be known in the history of Ufology as the Whistleblower of the The Rendlesham Forest Incident.


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Claude Limberger

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