The Radionnic Ships of Light

The Radionnic Ships of Light

Mankind has been observing the ships for thousands of years, just not understanding what they have been seeing.

As you may or may not know, I presented a couple of dozen cloud photographs of the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host at The Alien Cosmic Conference held last June in Brantford Ontario. Afterwards I was asked by the powers that be to prepare a fully sanctioned fully fledged official world wide Disclosure about their presence. To that end I have worked non-stop from the beginning of July until now preparing the information. It is finally finished, and comprises over 550 photographs of Radionnic Ship cloud presences from all around the world plus more than 390 pages of relevant discussions and explanations. The Disclosure is now presented in full as website:

For those of you who are not sure of what is actually going on, this is very, very, very, very, big news. Radionnic Ships of Light have been around for a long long time hiding in plain sight. The Bible, written two thousand years ago, says explicitly, We who are Alive….will be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air…(1. Thess, 4:17). Likewise, ‘Behold, he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him …( Revelations, 1:7). The clouds are the signatures produced by the Radionnics Ships of the Heavenly Host whenever one is present.

Mankind has been observing the ships for thousands of years, just not understanding what they have been seeing. It is still the same today, most people look at the clouds overhead and see nothing. The official Disclosure is now being given in the form of a teaching rather than an announcement, showing you exactly how and when to see them. It is also being disseminated to you gradually in the form of a website plus a book so as to not create a severe culture shock destabilizing society.

To give you an idea of what to look for, Figure 1 below, taken near mid June of 1016 in Hunstsville, Ontario is the Radionnic Cloud reflection of a Father ship sitting in the higher fourth dimension. The ship is in close as the Radionnic magnetic lines pass in front of the Culmulus clouds above.

Figure 1

To give you another idea, Figure 2, also taken near Hunstsville, Ontario in July of 1016 is of a Radionnic Father Ship runabout. It is literally a taxi for those in the radionnic ships, running people from one ship to another as needed.

Figure 2

Figure 3 is another Radionnic Cloud photograph, taken in Paris, Ontario Canada in April of 2015, and is the Radionnic cloud reflection of a Radionnic Anchor ship sitting in the fifth dimension at the apex point. These are by far the more common Radionnic Clouds, hiding in plain sight for millennia.

Figure 3

As a final example, Figure 4 below shows how bare faced some of these events are.  The Figure is a up of a photograph taken in Kampala, Uganda is of a fourth dimensional condensated Radionnic Mobile Scout Ship sitting within a fifth dimensional Radionnic Anchor Ship magnetic field. The arrow pointing to it is a nice added touch. Without the blow up you likely wouldn’t see it. Without the photograph you couldn’t notice it at all. Also do not forget, these are not material objects, a baseball would go right through them.

Figure 4

As you can plainly see there is a very big story here to tell for all Mankind. The book portion of the project is the problem. Because of lack of funding, a normal printing process cannot be paid for in advance. Consequently the book is currently available only through, a Print- on-Demand subsidiary of The books are printed one at a time as they become ordered, requiring no up front payment as the cost is taken from the purchase. The problem is that the printing process is by Laser. As most of you know, color printing by laser is almost astronomically expensive compared to black and white. Since the book is over 390 pages in full color, the recommended minimum list price is $79.95, far too expensive for the average person.

The price needs to be brought down to a more reasonable $29.95. This can be done on a normal Printing Press, already negotiated, with distribution done by a Wholesale and Distribution Company in Utah which would take the orders and ship them out for a nominal handling fee. Also already discussed. The problem is that the Printing Press Company would have to have the cost of the printing paid in full before shipping. The cost is about $3,500 for an initial run of 2,000 copies. The sale of the first printing finances a much bigger second printing and it snowballs from there.

To this end I have put up a Crowd funding campaign at to raise $9,000 to cover the cost of printing plus marketing and promotion. Including the cost of running another table at this year’s Alien Cosmic Conference in Toronto near the end of June. The GoFundMe campaign is at: Since this information is Universal affecting every person on the planet and not just for Ufologists or New Age believers, I am asking everyone who can to chip in as much as they can be it a little or a lot. Every little bit helps no matter how small as it all adds up.

To date I have received $450.00 which has helped secure a table at the Conference and to offset the costs of building the website and getting the book ready to publish. The purpose of the conference is to officially launch a world release about the Disclosure as the media will be there in abundance.

I am also asking everyone to pass this information on to everyone they know, either though email and cell phone contact lists, or Facebook followers and Twitter Friends, or any other Internet Social channels which may be available. Or word of mouth. Or even printing this off and handing it out or posting it somewhere. As said at the beginning, this is very very very big news. Mankind is finally and forever being brought into the loop about what is actually going on up there beyond all the illusions. These are the same people who accompanied Christ two thousand years ago. Taking the trouble to read the website all the way through will prove the point beyond all doubt, and also provide some nice surprises.

This Radionnics information is about today’s part in the great Cosmic events now beginning to unfold on Earth. Website is the whole picture, past, present, and future.


Thanks and bless,

Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone.

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