Alien Cosmic Expo is Underway!

Alien Cosmic Expo is Underway!

Overall ACE is a wonderful event and I recommend it for anyone.

ACE – The Alien Cosmic Expo is once again upon us.

Alien Cosmic Expo – Prior to Commencement

Every year I look forward to ACE – where people come from all over the world to tell the stories that one does not get to hear from the mainstream media. It is being held at the Toronto Airport, Crowne Plaza 33 Carlson Court, Toronto ON – M9W 6H5, Canada this year from June 23- June 25, 2017

ACE – Experiencer Forum

On June 23, ACE has set aside an entire day for Experiencers. Those that have had personal experience with unusual encounters and beings.  There was a good crowd for a work day which goes to show the amount of interest in a little reported area that has affected millions of people around the world.

There is a full schedule of events and speakers (schedule here)

that should interest anyone who is interested in the UFO / Alien phenomenon.

Of course no conference would be complete without Mufon. They have a full contingent ready to listen to your stories

Dave Palachik for Mufon Canada

There is a good speakers list this year. Including Dr. Steven Greer, Paul Hellyer, Gary Heseltine, Suzanne Hansen, Stanton Friedman, Grant Cameron, Susan Collins, Marc St. Germain, Victor Viggiani, Elizabeth April, Jason Quitt, Stu Bundy, Chad W., Ryan Stacey, Campbell Foster, Bret Yacobucci, and Jennifer Stein.

Gary Heseltine posed for EMN and told us we are a number one UFO news site.

Gary Heseltine

As is usual at ACE there is a good merchant’s section where one can buy almost anything …

ACE – Merchant Area

Sylvie Diveky from Central Sun Jewellry

And one can experience for oneself the usual creations of those imaginative inventors.

Crystal2 – Exponential Energy

Jody Maas constructed this pyramid style unit, from the Arcturian “‎Transmissions from the Group,” which works to adjust the frequencies in the energy bodies. The unit will facilitate the release of blockages in order to connect with higher energies.

Overall ACE is a wonderful event and I recommend it for anyone.

Claude Limberger

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