Why do Carbonated Drinks get a free pass in the CO2 man-made global warming debate?

Why do Carbonated Drinks get a free pass in the CO2 man-made global warming debate?

The carbonated drink industry uses CO2 that is created from other hydrocarbon sources. This industry turns out to be a significant contributor to man-made CO2 emissions. So why is it not being targeted?

Now I have been known to subscribe to certain conspiracy theories – but even I have limits. So bear with me for a moment while I recount some facts.

When I first heard about global warming and the carbon dioxide correlations – I bought into it…. But as I heard more about the science – I quickly realized that something was amiss and articles with sound science that contradicted the mainstream media accounts about man-made global warming were clearly being ignored – http://www.world-mysteries.com/science-mysteries/earth/warning-about-global-warming/

Now don’t simply dismiss my words as uninformed drivel and of myself being a climate change denier – words which are being used like a sledge hammer to silence any contrary intellectual pursuits. I firmly believe in climate change and want to understand just how our climate is changing (I wrote about climate change in my first book in the early 1990’s) …. In fact there has never been a time in the history of the earth when the climate has not changed… the only factor that can be measured is how fast the climate changes over the years.

Man is certainly having an effect on our environment. When I visited Greenland a few years ago – I saw for myself that the glaciers were melting … but again something was amiss… the temperature was not warm enough to explain why the glaciers were melting in the sub-zero temperatures… but when you saw that there was a layer of blackish-brown dust on top of the ice – one quickly understood that the ice was melting because when the sun hit the darker material it heated up the top layer of ice so that it was warm enough to melt … indeed the same has been seen happening in the Himalayan mountains – this was studied to try and find out why, when global man made theory predicted that the monsoons in India should be coming early, the opposite was found – it was actually coming later – it turns out brown dust was preventing the oceans from heating – as explained by these excellent articles https://www.hindawi.com/journals/amete/2016/6951942/    https://www.icimod.org/resource/20558      https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2796752/

and these other articles published around the world: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/jul/05/dark-snow-speeding-glacier-melting-rising-sea-levels


Pollution dust from man-made sources and dessert dust from around the world was clearly melting the glaciers … warming was not needed to explain the phenomenon of melting ice … indeed it was found that the original data that was used to hype the era of man as a rapidly warming era on the planet was found to have been altered to fit the hypothesis of global man made warming –


So having been totally debunked as false – why is man-made global warming still the prevalent discussion?

Which brings me now to conspiracy theory …

So let’s ask some questions using the man-made theory  – If man-made industry is the cause of CO2 induced heating of our planet – why is only one industry- the hydrocarbon burning industry being targeted?  Indeed the carbonated drink industry contributes tons of CO2 to the atmosphere every year but it is not targeted (for those of you who think that that industry is carbon neutral i.e. that they get their CO2 from the atmosphere and re-release it back into the atmosphere – you are wrong – “The CO2 used commercially is primarily a byproduct of other industrial processes. According to Universal Industrial Gases, Inc., carbon dioxide for industrial use, including in soft drinks, is most commonly recovered from natural gas or coal-fueled plants making ammonia. Other sources include large fermentation operations such as breweries, and plants that make ethanol for automobile fuel or industrial uses.”  Source https://www.leaf.tv/articles/how-is-carbon-dioxide-used-in-soft-drinks/ ) The carbonated drink industry uses CO2 that is created from other hydrocarbon sources. This industry turns out to be a significant contributor to man-made CO2 emissions. So why is it not being targeted?

Well conspiracy points to the nuclear power generation industry.

Protests against nuclear power started in the 1960”s and gained strength year by year until the man-made global warming theory started. Then the movement started to lose steam.  When powerhouses like Al Gore started the anti-CO2 movement which targeted only the coal and oil and gas industries … was the goal to stave off attacks against nuclear energy?

Could the nuclear energy industry have decided to get together and create another bogeyman that was even scarier than nuclear waste that lingers for tens of thousands of years and there is no good way to get rid of that waste.

Well recent history suggests that yes, a scarier bogeyman has been created. The anti man-made global warming machine silences anyone who presents a contrary argument – no matter how good that argument is. Also that same machine has presented nuclear energy among one of many technologies that are climate safe – no matter how unsafe it is on so many other levels … since it is climate safe – it must be good.

Which brings us back to the carbonated drink industries… why are they not being targeted? Is it as the conspiracy says that the nuclear industry started the man-made global warming machine to target their competitors and leave other CO2 creating industries alone?

I have to admit that however good this conspiracy sounds  – like all conspiracies – it is difficult to prove.

You will have to decide what is going on for yourself… do the research and do not believe everything you hear… including this article – until you have definitive proof.



Claude Limberger

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