Alien Cosmic Expo coming June 22 – 24 2018!

Alien Cosmic Expo coming June 22 – 24 2018!

The “Godfather of Canadian Ufology” Adds Toronto to his Farewell Tour

Stanton Friedman Commits to Speaking at the Alien Cosmic Expo in June

Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has once again committed to speak at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Toronto on June 23 and 24. The soon to be 84-year-old also announced last week that he’ll be re ring from travel- ling and speaking at conferences around the world. This is the last chance for Canadians to hear Friedman speak live, and meet him in person before he re res.

Reached by phone this week Friedman said, “Look, I’m going to be 84 this year, I’m no spring chicken. But I’m still going to continue my research and remain active with TV and radio interviews, but no more travel- ling. I will also continue writing, which includes an upcoming book and my monthly column for the MUFON Journal.”

Friedman went on to say, “A er the Expo in Toronto, I’m heading to Roswell one last me for that festival because I am Mr. Roswell! (laughing)”. Friedman became famous as a ufologist for being the original civilian investigator of the Roswell, New Mexico incident. His book “Crash at Corona” blew the lid of the U.S. Government cover-up of the incident. Experiencer Researcher Kathleen Marden, who will be sharing a table at the Alien Cosmic Expo with Friedman, was very happy to hear her old friend is coming to Toronto. “Stan and I go way back, we’ve written books together and

it’s important that Canadians have a chance to hear what he has to say.” One of the books Marden and Friedman wrote together was “Captured – The Be y and Barney Hill UFO Experience” which is one the best documented abduction cases in history.

The Alien Cosmic Expo is on June 22 – 24. Visit the website for more information

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