Alien Cosmic Expo is a Success!

Alien Cosmic Expo is a Success!

Overall a worthwhile adventure!

The second day of Alien Cosmic Expo was a blast!

Talks by Stanton Friedman, Grant Cameron, Richard Dolan and Linda Moulton-Howe were funny, informative, awe-inspiring and engaging. The time went by and I hardly even noticed that the day was gone.

Richard Dolan still talking after his talk.

Stanton Friedman signing books

Linda Molton-Howe citing a diverse amount of history and weaving it into an incredible story.

Grant Cameron presented at warp speed! And induced laughter and awe throughout the audience.


Congratulations to Stu Bundy and the Alien Cosmic Expo Team. They did an incredible job of pulling a diverse exposition together.


Stu Bundy out in the field


The place was alive

Dave Palachik and Victor Viggiani discuss Mufon business



Tanya Dale of Kreating Kismet

And more vendors

Overall a worthwhile adventure!

Claude Limberger

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