ACE 2019 Underway

ACE 2019 Underway

ACE 2019 is underway. And as usual it is crowded.

ACE 2019 is underway. And as usual it is crowded.

And also as usual … the rock stars of the UFO Disclosure world are all here. Sid Goldberg and Richard Dolan as seen above talk to the public in relaxed settings

Travis Walton and Paul Hellyer selling their books

Wes Roberts and Lesley-Mitchell Clarke were overwhelmed this year at the open mic in the audience – who gave accounts of their personal experiences with non-human entities.

Stu Bundy and Dave Palachik gave updates from MUFON Canada and did a wonderful job of putting on this years’ ACE.

Victor Viggiani had some new revelations as he did an excellent job as MC.

Other speakers today included Marc St. Germain, Dave Scott and Paolo Harris

Vendors included Peter and Ursula from Litius

Michael the Galactic Ambassador

Ariane and amazing artist

Nelson from Celestial Warmth Wellness

Sylvia from Central Sun Jewellery

Joanna and Greg from Inside Circles

Tara from Organik Apparel

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s schedule.

Claude Limberger

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