10 Conspiracy Theories about CoVid-19

10 Conspiracy Theories  about CoVid-19

There have been lots of conspiracy theories circulating around about CoVid-19. Remember one thing above all. None of it can be proven.

The above illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reveals ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.

Okay. I want to start here by saying …  do not believe everything you read … including this article. Judge every piece of information for yourself as to its accuracy. Do not rely on others to tell you what is true. Verify everything you hear from at least three reliable sources, before making any decisions that you may regret later on.

There have been lots of conspiracy theories circulating around about CoVid-19. Remember one thing above all. None of it can be proven.

I will present some of the things I have been hearing in this article. I will present it from both sides. The believers and the non-believers. It is very important that if you are a believer to understand that the psychology of conspiracy theorists is that believers tend to read only that which supports the view of any conspiracy. If you are one of these people please read this carefully because I will present arguments for and against each theory out there. I will endeavor to be informative and entertaining at the same time. But what I really want you to do is look seriously at what you believe and question every aspect of the information I present. Non-believers do not get off the hook so easily though. Because too many conspiracy theories have been proven to be correct many years after the fact when they were first proposed. If none were ever proven true then it would be so much easier to dismiss any new ones that come up.

The point is for non-believers it is just as important to know what any current conspiracy theory is … so that you are informed to what others believe sometimes passionately. It is easy to dismiss as fake news. Because the amount of fake news has ramped up enormously over the past few years. All sides in the news industry are guilty of their brand of fake news. AND I MEAN ALL!

Now it is important for those reading this to know where I come from because I am biased by my past. It was only just last fall that I came out of the closet as to my belief on alien contact on this planet. You can see here an interview I did on thatchannel.com https://earthmysterynews.com/2019/11/13/claude-limberger-tells-his-story-at-thatchannel-com/

But as for what is happening now. I do have to disclose that 30 years ago I had a “dream”. Calling it a dream diminishes the experience. I dreamed that I lived my entire life. Died at the age of 90. Then found myself back in my 30 something year old body. Now the dream was so disorienting that I asked myself three questions when I awoke. The first question is not one usually asks when waking up. It was, ‘who am I?’ I eventually remembered my name. Claude. Claude Limberger. Next question was, ‘where am I?’ I recognized the bedroom from the house I lived in for twenty years but only for four at that time. I said to myself that I recognized the place and said… ‘wow what am I doing here’. The third question I asked myself, I could not answer. ‘When am I?’ I did not know the year let alone the day or month. Then my wife walked into the bedroom. I was so excited to see her. I jumped up and kissed her and held her because as far as I knew she was dead for almost 30 years. She pushed me away saying, ‘we don’t have time for this… what are you doing still in your pj’s, we have to be at my parents house in an hour. Get dressed.’ I was stunned. But I did not even try to explain what just happened to me. I tried to accept that I had a weird dream and I was just disoriented.

But then the déjà vu started. BIG TIME. I knew everything that had happened from that moment on. And it was becoming very unnerving. So much in fact that I thought of getting professional help. Then the day came two weeks later when my very young daughter wanted to go to the library and change her books and VHS tapes. So I packed her up and went to the library, but when I got there, something had changed. The parking lot was only one third the size I remembered it to be. And the spot I normally parked in was totally gone. I found a spot. Ran out from my car and saw that the majority of the parking lot I remembered was now a cemetery. I ran among the tombstones, my daughter running after me, thinking it was a game, and I saw 1901, 1899 as death dates on the stones. I was stunned, because I lived in the same town for all but 5 years of my life. I had played in that very spot as a child when there was nothing but trees before they built the library. As a child, I would have run away if there were tombstones. I ran into the library and asked the librarian, ‘when did that cemetery get there?’ She looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘it has always been there.’

I realized from that moment on that the dream was more than just a dream, I changed timelines after I died and came back to a younger version of myself and took over his body. I WAS crazy! I had to write down my experiences after that. My first book, Afterworld When Ghosts Disappear, is about me living in the woods after surviving the total meltdown of society after a series of pandemics and financial collapse. The last thing I saw on the news before disappearing in the woods forever was the nuking of a major city in the middle east.  But before that happened, there were two major pandemics. The first was a warm up, the second was dubbed the sleeping disease. If you survived the first one, having the still surviving virus in your system made the second one fatal. I wrote this story down in an unpublished screenplay called Fatal Exposure I wrote in 1999. One third of the population died, but before that the riots that started in the prisons and spread across the world, devastated society to collapse.

So I told you all that, just to say to you, that it does not have to happen that way! And also for the reader to understand where I am coming from.

I realized that my first three books are rather dark and gloomy. My last three books are more uplifting and hopeful. www.timestopper.com

But they were all based on knowledge I gained from the dream I had and the many strange entities that I realize have been with me all my life.

I have spent the past thirty years attempting to tell those around me, that we can choose our own fate. We do not have to follow a preset plan that is unchangeable. Because eventually the daily déjà vu stopped and I only experience it occasionally now. But when the CoVid-19 thing started. I have been cursing ever since.

My message to you is, Stop! Stop believing that everything is going to collapse, because if we all believe it will get better. It will. Because believe me, the alternative is much worse than you can imagine. I lived it. It sucked. I do not want to do it again. There is too much good in this world to press the reset button. Reset will take much longer than the lifetime of anyone who is alive now. So again, stop it!

We will get through this and be stronger for it.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this article, Conspiracy theory about CoVid-19.

How to start… there are so many conspiracies to discuss. And I am pretty sure that this list is not even comprehensive because a lot of them are similar to each other. So let’s discuss the ones that are the most interesting to me. The first four are similar to each other.

# 1) The CoVid-19 virus is a cull of the human population by the elites. There have been rumors for years that those in charge of this planet have been scheming to reduce the earth’s population either a) they believe it will be easier to rule the planet with less people on it or b) aliens have told them that it is a necessary thing to do. The rumors of reducing the population have persisted from many sources… There are too many leaks from the usual suspects who fuel conspiracy theories to even begin to list here including the Georgia Guidestones  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones which says to maintain our population to under 500 milliion… but for believers the fact that people are dying in large numbers is proof enough that this is true. Various rates of mortality are occurring around the world in different jurisdictions, ranging from under 1% to as much as 7% in the worst hit regions. This conspiracy requires that there is a group of people who genetically engineered this virus to kill people. But for non-believers this Journal of Nature article clearly shows that only natural selection has occurred in the CoVid-19 virus when examining related strains in other animal species. Jennifer Stein kindly forwarded this article to me. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0820-9 . This evidence should be case closed on this one. But believers have a hard time letting go.

#2) They are culling the aging population to save money. This one is similar enough to number one that non-believers can point to the same Journal of Nature article and say nonsense. But believers say, this virus is killing mostly old people. It does not make sense for any virus to kill targeted populations unless genetically altered to do so. Viruses by nature are opportunists that can only survive and replicate in a host. It can be argued that it genetically selects its host by species, but this may be the first documented case of selection of specific individuals in a species. Because, yes, the elderly have always been susceptible to viral infections, usually due to compromised or weak immune systems, but so are the very young and pregnant women, because they too have in the case of the young are relying on their mother’s antibodies and in the case of pregnant women due to a suppressed immune system so the mother does not attack her own child. Young babies whose mothers have never been exposed to a new virus are usually toast. But in the case of CoVid-19, we do not see any babies or pregnant mothers succumbing to CoVid-19. How is it that this virus is acting so strange, especially with no evidence of genetic tampering? Believers will ignore the Journal of Nature article and believe there is a conspiracy to get rid of old people and naturally governments benefit from it so they must be behind it. But sorry, must go with the science here. No proof of tampering based on recent strains of related viruses pulled from other animal species.

#3 CoVid-19 was engineered to kill old men. Well again, the same arguments from #1 and #2 apply here. Non-believers again say – no evidence of genetic tampering. Believers say, ‘look 70% of the old people dying are men, even though they are less of the elderly population since women live longer than men.’ Again it is very weird that a virus targets age but also gender???? Again we are talking about something that mankind has never seen before. But because something seems improbable does not make it impossible. But what are the odds? If you were a gambling person, would that be something you would ever have bet on… the answer is no. It can be argued that men have slightly weaker immune systems due to missing genes on the Y chromosome. Indeed the Y chromosome is crumbling and will eventually disappear. https://phys.org/news/2018-01-chromosome-men.html  Viruses targeting this weakness does make sense.  But with no other evidence of recent genetic tampering of CoVid-19… this one too must be laid to rest.

#4) Aliens created the virus. Well, now I will go back to my 1999 story entitled Fatal Exposure. In that story I detailed the existence of two viruses of alien origins when combined together in the host caused a fatal exposure and death for the host. Those that caught the first virus then infected with the second was 100% fatal. The viruses in the story were a failsafe device created by aliens 50,000 years ago to make sure that they could eradicate us if we became uncontrollable. In the story, the good scientists who discovered the viruses in a crashed UFO were aided by an alien hybrid, who rebelled against a crazy general who wanted to use it to wipe out all of the enemies of his country.  In the end the good guys triumphed. This was the first script I ever submitted to www.Zoetrope.com twenty years ago and it received good reviews. The problem I will have to disclose to you is that I was told that this was true by the non-human entities that I have been in communication with, since I was a child. I know I am crazy. But this could explain why there is no recent evidence that CoVid-19 has undergone any recent modifications if it was modified well before humans even knew of the existence of viruses. Read This. In that case, it and its non-human infecting cousins would seem totally natural. I just gave a bone to believers.. please do not gnaw on it too hard, even if you do not believe in aliens. And worse I have been recently been told by these same non-human entities that there exists many such viruses, and this one is being used to pressure our governments into doing their will.  But the good news is, that aliens lie to us, they lie all the time. I have had many face to face conversations with Linda Moulton Howe about this fact. Truth is, alien agendas are their own and they do not necessarily cross with human agendas. They could just be using this weird naturally occurring virus into scaring us into certain actions. For non-believers this is a weird bone especially if you do not believe in aliens. I know I have lost you, because alien existence on this planet is just another conspiracy to you. I have to say, not a conspiracy, and all the knowledge I gained from the two non-human entities I call Spider and Cat in the books I have written, points to some weird conclusions I have made over the years. Please read my books to gain insight into some of them. Hypnotic regression by Lesley Mitchell-Clarke https://www.lightworkhypnosis.com/ and others I have received over the years have given me no doubt that aliens exist on this planet. Listen to this interview I did with Richard Dolan and read this article by Linda Moulton Howe to gain insight here. https://earthmysterynews.com/2019/09/27/richard-dolan-talks-about-disclosure-at-ace-2019/    https://earthmysterynews.com/2016/05/12/a-praying-mantis-encounter-2/   I will have to say on this conspiracy… Can not be proven or disproven.

#5) DNA testing to find the hybrid aliens among us. Well it is true that there are many organizations that have popped up, taking your DNA samples, and telling you about your ancestry or your genetic weaknesses and strengths, and those groups have grown in popularity. The rumors about the motivation behind it, besides making money for these groups, was to search for those humans who have alien genes in their DNA, or searching for the alien hybrids among us. I have heard this from contributors to this site and from my non-human entity friends. When they take swaps to detect for CoVid-19, they do take samples from you that can be used as a DNA sample from you that can be used to discover what markers they are looking for. The they being those in charge of this planet. Because they have an urgency to find all hybrids and genetically modified humans on this planet who are to be handed over to the Federation of Planets whose prime directive is No Genetically Modified Organisms. These people will be eradicated. Those in charge were told to hand them over or else our entire species will be eradicated. This is one possible explanation given as to why alien disclosure has not occurred yet. The Covid-19 scare is prompting an unprecedented amount of testing that they could not pass up on to find those individuals. Well this is very far out there, but since I am biased on this based on the information I have received, I can not easily dismiss this. Richard Dolan, in his many books, www.richarddolanmembers.com/books  talks about the breakaway human civilization on this planet that has used advanced technology to leave this planet behind and they have not shared with the rest of us. In my business dealings I work for a high tech company that has 80 technologies that are way more advanced than what we are allowed to have at the moment but are nothing to what the breakaway civilization has.

Here are two examples of the techs we have that would improve humankind greatly but are not being allowed for the rest of us. https://earthmysterynews.com/2019/12/05/warm-fusion-is-here/       https://earthmysterynews.com/2019/12/06/prolonging-red-blood-cell-storage-preserves-blood-saves-lives/   If I had not seen these techs for myself and have witnessed repeatedly that we can not bring these to market, I would doubt this part of the story.

Follow Linda Moulton Howe and her in depth analysis of evidence to these statements.  https://www.earthfiles.com/

So, this leads me to say again, I can not prove nor disprove this.

#6) They are going to force everyone to take the upcoming vaccine to either sterilize us or to tag all of us. This one is very hard to prove. It looks as if governments around the world are moving to pass laws stating that everyone has to have all mandated vaccines. Unless you are home schooled right now, most jurisdictions do not allow unvaccinated kids in school. So that part of it looks true. But is there something harmful or sinister in vaccines? I will not touch that with a ten foot pole. But I will say that rumors of test vaccines in Africa that have left the recipients sterile are hard to dismiss. These rumors are easy for some to say fake news, but having met individuals who are now sterile along with all their neighbors is hard to discount. Any other purposes for the upcoming vaccine I will leave to the believers and non-believers to fight over.

#7) They are trying to get rid of paper money. One of the consequences of CoVid-19 is that many currencies are made with plastic that the virus likes. And a lot of stores are using that fact to refuse to take paper money. The movement away from paper money has been happening for years. So this one I will mark down to coincidence.

#8) They are trying to bring down Trump and they released CoVid-19 to cause a financial collapse that will cause him to lose the next election. Certainly it could be argued that much of the US political drama is an act. Well calculated ahead of time and agreed to by both sides. The politicians are just the Actors and the ones behind them are the Producers and Directors (The They) of the Play. If this is true then there is nothing we can do about it… just watch the show, but try not to get too emotionally involved in it… it is bad for your health. If this was not true… It could be argued that the enemies of Trump would do anything to bring him down, As Bill Maher said when he wished for an economic collapse to make Trump lose the next election. Releasing a virus to cause this collapse is not beyond their evilness… This does not require modification of the virus to be true. China, who would love to see this bring down Trump and bring their guy Biden into office could be motivation enough for the Chinese to release it among their own people first, knowing it will spread to the rest of the world and cause havoc. Possible…

#9) The whole thing was orchestrated to introduce the New World Order. This does not require a genetically modified virus to be true. Certainly draconian measures are currently being used around the world to control the masses. This one is a wait and see. If the restrictions are lifted quickly and easily after an all clear then it is clearly false. But if they are not ….well we will see what happens.

#10) Mother Nature is out to get us. Mother Nature is neither our friend nor our enemy when we live in balance with the planet. The current climate change debate argues that we are not and the cause of our own troubles with Mother Nature. This is debatable as I have discussed previously.  https://earthmysterynews.com/2017/10/02/why-do-carbonated-drinks-get-a-free-pass-in-the-co2-man-made-global-warming-debate/

One of the things I highly recommended in all of my books is to return to nature and feel its presence once again. Living in four walls shields us from the influence nature has on us and makes us do stupid things that harms nature. Mother Nature is not out to get you. She loves you and all you have to do is listen to her call… if anything nature misses talking to you… so go out to a tree and hug it… you might be surprised what you feel.

Claude Limberger

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  • Prashant Mehta
    March 26, 2020, 4:19 pm

    I read your article.. However, a person cannot believe in this story, but i believe in the déjà vu.

    if you have the déjà vu then it is possible that this story can be real..

    But, i want to know that which kind of people will survive.. and what will happen with India( I am asking about second point because i from India and i want to know about it)

    • Claude Limberger@Prashant Mehta
      March 27, 2020, 8:27 pm

      I am sorry but I do not remember any particular news stories specifically from India. The general news from abroad was quite bad though…. but this is just round 1. Round 2 was much worse. That was when the riots started in earnest. We will get through this. I just pray that lessons will be learned this time around and we can avoid the worse outcome for round 2 that I saw.

  • Cobet Davidson
    May 4, 2020, 5:42 pm

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    May 12, 2020, 3:18 am

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