Seeking Ontario’s Bigfoot Public Service Announcement

Seeking Ontario’s Bigfoot  Public Service Announcement

We are now the only Bigfoot group that has a 24/7 Bigfoot Sighting Hotline.


Seeking Ontario’s Bigfoot (SOB) is a registered non-profit group that evolved from its predecessor, the Lucky Horseshoe Group, the GTA branch of Ontario Wildlife Field Research. We are a collection of professionals who merge our skills for this cause. Members are required to pledge to a strictly enforced Code of Ethics. We work hard to add credible evidence to this field of research. The founders recognize the importance of cataloging evidence and documenting patterns, so that insights achieved add to the body of Bigfoot knowledge available to others.



S O B  members conduct methodical investigations to assemble evidence to persuade the scientific community to authenticate Bigfoot as a species. As important as the investigative work to achieve species recognition is, we have also worked to provide a comprehensive field guide to Bigfoot evidence methodologies and wildlife sign recognition, for others to enhance their own investigations.


SOB is proud to announce we have just published our first book! This was to address the lack of E-Books containing lots of High-Def photos of Bigfoot evidence. This E-book has 70 + expandable photos of Bigfoot structures, prints, and other evidence they leave behind. The E-book also theorizes their motivations for some Bigfoot constructions.

The E-Book is called : “THE MARK OF BIGFOOT “.

 It is available now on both Amazon Kindle :

And Kobo Reader :


We are now the only Bigfoot group that has a 24/7 Bigfoot Sighting Hotline.

All Bigfoot-related reports are welcome, even older ones.

Call : 647 508 – 2400 anytime.

If you would like to see a map of Bigfoot reports,

or what the signs of Bigfoot are,

you can get more information on our website :

We’ve done the ‘footwork’, now see what we’ve found!

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