Who are You “Homo Sapiens”?

Who are You “Homo Sapiens”?

The many questions for couple of missing answers

The inconvenient DISCLOSURE

The many questions for couple of missing answers

Since the time we are born and we start feeling the world we are part of, a virtual DNA inherited body-mind engine that starts to spin our curiosity to memorize and accommodate a couple of the available senses we successfully climbed out with and into our newly scheduled reality that we started to perceive it and have to face it for an indefinite length of time from now.

The new status quo, from the mother’s womb quiet fluidic comfort, starts contrasting with your unusual inner body’s pain that suddenly brings you to the limit of supported needs to solve a couple of immediate unbalanced weird signals ranging from that of being hungry, or sort of,  thirstiness or sort of, or even just not feeling the so known mother’s authenticated peaceful harmonic message wave of love. Then we cry.

Is this “the Big-Bang” we are lately talking about, when we end up finally being filled up with so many educated suppositions to justify the chaos of our bridges crossing toward the convenient social acceptance(?) while your limited reality tends to tell you ‘let me guide your little body and explain to you step by step that you are coming from a happy joint supreme wonderful source of love then share your simple experience dot by dot without misleading your fellow-followers’.

Then, when time fulfills your mirrored ego with enough resemblance that makes you recognize yourself as an individual thinker: you have questions!


–        Does it make sense to be happy, sad … or unhappy?

–        What makes me happy?

–        How can I communicate my needs or wishes?

–        Why I must have two legs, two arms, two eyes, two ears?

–        Or even, why is my body so well balanced when I’m walking, running or doing anything?

–        Why I’m growing and getting older?

–        Why is the sky, the sun and the stars up there, and who’s beyond that?

–        Are we humans alone in this cosmic repetitive cycle?

Then we start to study ourselves.

The history and the state-of-the-art science give us proves and clues and guidance about all the above questions but not saying how much truth is in all this released information.  Neither about why out there we cannot nor be allowed to know more than we are told, even though the proofs are popping up all over the place.

Meanwhile we are told that religion is supposed to defend believers in God, that the Bible is guiding us in layman words how our Creator envisioned our gift of life on Earth and toward the stairs of mighty Heaven. Then slowly we realize humans became the slaves of their economic and political interests, misleading others and hiding our past and present civilization’s interest into our egocentric competition forgetting our main purpose of purification, that continuous duty of cleaning process of our karma we carry either from our past personal or relatives mistakes.

We aim to succeed toward higher and faster technologies without God, but not knowing the consequences in the long term; ready to trust the whatever outcome would be, thinking that we’ll decide later how to manage it. Big mistake.

In the meantime, the not to abundant free thinkers are trying to convince us about some straight solutions but we, the addicted to day by day burdens, cannot grasp the picture sweeping  under the non-conformal theory rogue, as a ridiculous “to early or to late wake-up signal”.

So, how about if everything it’s just the half of the truth?

But how it would be the other half of the truth to know it?

Is that there something like a symmetry or even a universal supersymmetry law that we are part of?

What and where is that simple unique rule or simple guidance capable to open our minds enough to not harm ourselves; who we have to talk to and ask the right question other than our Supreme Creator?

So, again: Who are You “Homo Sapiens”?

Dumitru Bojiuc

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