Feel Sorry For The Liars

Feel Sorry For The Liars

To all of those liars out there. I forgive you unconditionally. I hope that those that read this will too.

We really should forgive all of the liars out there. They sincerely feel that they are saving us. In fact I believe that they are beginning to believe their own lies. As someone who has interacted with Non-Human Entities (NHE’s) since I was young. I truly understand that those that are protecting the human race from knowledge of the NHE prescience on this planet know things that the rest of us do not know. It is in the best interest of NHE’s to not let us in on what is going on in the rest of the galaxy. That way they have access to humans in a way that allows them to use us in their conflicts with other NHE’s without us outright revolting from participating in their conflicts. They are free to recruit soldiers in this conflict without alarming us that we could be wiped out for helping them.
Having participated in aiding in this conflict since I was young… I was not a soldier … but participated in the logistical movement of resources from the Earth to other bases scattered across our galaxy … I understand totally the mindset of the liars who are aware of and/or aiding NHE’s on our planet who continue to lie to the rest of us for our own good. Of course, it is the right thing to do… because now that they have committed to the course of action about lying to the rest of us… they realize that the rest of us would tear them apart if they told us the truth now. This had led them to lie to us about all aspects of our lives now. Scientific thought has been hijacked to the cause. All the politicians are lying to us for our own good now. Even our economic system has been totally taken over by the liars.
So what can we do? I know many have turned inward and are depressed about our future. This serves the liars well… if they can take the fight out of us, then we can be infinitely made to serve the liars and the NHE agenda against humankind.
But there is a way to fight back…. and it is not by taking up arms… that has never worked in the past. The liars would rather let us burn down the Library of Alexandria all over again, just to keep the status quo. The NHE agenda thinks long-term. No, the best way to fight back is to forgive the liars for their sins, before they tell us what they are. We have to give them unconditional terms THAT THEY WILL NOT BE RETALIATED AGAINST, if they come clean, and tell us the truth about what is really happening to our planet. The NHE agenda has to be revealed and honest discussion among all of the people of the Earth has to decide our own fate. It can not left to the people who think they know best for the rest of us. Because the motto “the needs of the many vs the needs of the few” exists does not mean we should be willing to abandon the needs of the few. Who has the right to decide which few will be sacrificed to ensure the survival of the human race. The NHE agenda does not care about our survival as a free people. It only cares that NHE’s have enough of us around to serve their needs. And they are getting nervous that there are too many of us.
Getting older seems to mean that NHE’s are no longer interested in me. I have been totally happy with that. Really. The stress with interacting with them has been intense. I rarely get visits any more. And communication has diminished.
It is time to forgive the liar next door to you and finally let them feel free to tell their stories.
The fate of the human race is too important to be left to the liars alone. They need to hear all of our voices before it is too late. But our voices will be without meaning if we do not have all of the information to be able to decide our fate.
To all of those liars out there. I forgive you unconditionally. I hope that those that read this will too.

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