Reddit Summary of Key Takeaways from July 26 Hearings:

Reddit Summary of Key Takeaways from July 26 Hearings:

Key Takeaways from July 26 Hearings

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  • IRAD abuse – defence contractors misappropriating funds with govt collusion. Mention of “self-funding”
  • Grusch has spent 11 hours with both intel committees
  • Grusch has provided names and locations to the IG
  • US govt / contractors have craft and non-human biologics
  • US govt / contractors have intimidated, hurt, and potentially murdered would-be whistleblowers
  • Individuals in charge of classification (access to information) are career senior executive officials in both military / dod and defence contractors – unelected officials
  • Satellite imagery of crashes, tests, retrievals exists
  • US govt / contractors could have advanced tech that has been made from reverse engineering efforts
  • Grusch and his wife were intimidated in a disturbing way
  • Grusch knows people who have seen the non-human biologics
  • Grusch has seen photos and documents
  • Gaetz saw image and radar data of orb UAP
  • Gaetz willing to subpoena image and radar data of orb UAP from Eglin AFB
  • Grusch saw footage of shootdown and said craft was otherworldly
  • It’s potential for this to also be inter-dimensional – mention of holographic principle
  • People have been injured working on ufo legacy reverse engineering programs and potentially hurt by NHI
  • Grusch will tell congress everything classified they would like to know in a SCIF
  • Grusch will give AOC and other panel members list of involved individuals directly after the hearing
  • According to Grusch, statements made by Dr. Kirkpatrick of AARO that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial visitation or objects defying known science are inaccurate – Grusch was under oath, Kirkpatrick was not
  • When asked about communication with NHI, Grusch stated he can only talk about this in a classified setting
  • Graves knows a military witness who claims Boeing allegedly engaged in incident involving 100yd long red square UAP over Vanderberg AFB – has documentation
  • Grusch cannot confirm or deny dept of energy involvement in UAP data collection and housing
  • Alleged intimidation via cease and desist letters of commercial pilot witnesses by commercial aviation companies
  • Grusch knows current individuals involved in reverse engineering programs that are willing to testify in a classified setting behind closed doors if certain immunities and assurances are met
  • All three witnesses agree that it is possible that UAP could be probing our capabilities and nuclear assets, testing for vulnerabilities in our systems, and cannot be defended against
  • People will get fired or have pay cut if they don’t get access to a SCIF for next hearing – Holman Rule will be enacted by Rep. Ogles

There are many other very important tidbits, let’s not let anything slide through the cracks. Please post them in the comments and I’ll add them to this list.

EDIT: It’s important so I felt like I should use upper case. I changed it due to the comments. I will continue to go through the comments and add appropriately.

EDIT #2: I want to thank everyone for all the thoughtful discussion on this post. Unfortunately, I tried to ask r/News why they wouldn’t allow news of the UAP hearings and I was banned from Reddit for 3 days for “harassment” and permanently banned from r/News. Expect more censorship, disinformation, ridicule, and discrediting in the coming months. I’m back now and will be editing this post today with other comments as I go through them all.

Please, always remember – Truth is stranger than fiction.

Claude Limberger

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