Portals and Xendras: a 2014 Story

Portals and Xendras: a 2014 Story

A Xendra is an artificial concentration of energy that allows dimensional experiences at different levels.

Over the past year there has been a lot of discussion in ufology about portals. They are reported to be wormholes or star gates to other dimensions or worlds.  Many experiencers have reported portals appearing in their bedrooms followed by non-human intelligences coming out of them. The other side of the portal, according to the theory, may be where the intelligence behind the UFO phenomena resides.

One of the key sources for the stories came from what might be an intention government leak. The idea is that this was some sort of gradual disclosure release to acclimatize the public to the fact we are not alone. I started as a total skeptic until I was told by someone connected to Hollywood that the portal aspect of the story was true.

At that point I began to watch with interest. I encouraged others, to think whatever they wanted, but to watch as well. Many people took me at my word and signed up for tickets to watch the portal show. They are the people I address today with this update.

Unfortunately, the government release portal story has turned into what appears to a story going nowhere fast. One description of it is that it has become a series of fire drills but no fire. Now, it appears that even the fire drills are not even a reliable occurrence. For all those who I got hyped up about breaking news on portals– I apologize. That, however, is the game. Ya pays your money, and you takes your chances. At least the ticket was free.

In this long wait many have realized there may be no Messiah and no imminent release. Thy have returned to watching Monday night football. Had I not been down the UFO rabbit hole for so long, I might just join them.

The good news is during the year I watched the promised portal exposé, I came across another portal story. This story appears to be much more than a fire alarm. It may actually be an actual fire. Yes Virginia, there may just be a portal.

The story is long. It started in 1974, just about the same time I had my first UFO sighting. I got dragged into this particular portal story in 2017. Today I will only tell one key piece of the story which happened in 2014. This part of the story has the best evidence and the most witnesses.

The term used in this fire story is a Xendra as opposed to a portal. It may not be quite the same thing but it exhibits the same interdimensionality of beings moving from one world to another. One description of a Xendra is given by the key contactee in this story, Ricardo Gonzalez;

A Xendra is an artificial concentration of energy that allows dimensional experiences at different levels. These portals, according to what the extraterrestrials have told me, are not entirely physical. They function more as holographic environments  where a person can be projected from one place to another, or receive information packets complete with guidelines and instructions for the short time they are in that energy.

The 2014 experience, described below, involved 11 witnesses. Each reported a close-up face-to-face- encounters with an alien in and around a Xendra. In 2015, nine witnesses, many of them being the same witnesses, had another encounter with the same alien, at the same location, but in this experience the technology used seemed to be completely different. There was no Xendra, and some of the aliens that appeared were in a definite holographic state.

Antarel, the alien involved in both 2014 and 2015 experience hinted at different technologies being employed;

We know that you have been reflecting about it: there are different doors, folds and experiences and all of them occur at different levels according to what we schedule and also in line with your preparation. But even in the case of some dimensional doors that can be used to physically transport either you or us if we pass through them, the energy in motion is more subtle and connects with other types of forces. In other words, it is a parallel, holographic reality. Because of it, in the midst of these experiences you appear luminous and you perceive things differently even if you are “physically” there. [1]

As I mentioned above my involvement in this portal story began in August 2017. It occurred during a trip to Mount Shasta in Northern California, to attend a meditation for world peace. It was during this trip that I realized there might be a real documentable portal (known as Xendras) story that occurred in 2014.  I had a video camera and started interviewing the numerous witnesses who had been involved. After only one day of filming witnesses, I realized that this was one of the best stories ever in the UFO world. Here is the story.

The story focuses on Ricardo Gonzales, who is a South American contactee. He hosts a peace meditation workshop every year at Shasta. Almost all of the people (165 in 2014) who are in attendance are Latino. They come from around the world. Gonzalez reports that he has contacts with beings from the Planet Apu, which is reportedly in the Alpha Centauri solar system. The main alien he deals with is Antarel, a tall Nordic type extraterrestrial.

Most years there is a programmed encounter where one or more UFOs appear at a predetermined time. 2014 was no exception.

What differed in 2014 is that, before the event, Gonzales and others started to get telepathic messages that Antarel would open a Xendra/portal during the planned encounter. The following people received telepathic messages before the event began. Each message indicated that there was going to be scheduled sighting and a Xendra event.

Figure 1 Location of the 2014 Xendra. Its border was the small fir tree. Antarel stood at the tall straight tree behind the fallen log.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez – Received telepathic message August 2nd in Allai Krai, Siberia, and then in Spain on August 10th
  • Raymundo Collazo – receives feeling in mid-August that there will be a sighting and that a Xendra will open.
  • Ricardo Gonzalez – Then has a series of dreams in mid-August about a Xendra.
  • Corinna Muzi – Gets telepathic message in Italy of a Xendra event.
  • Fernando Lopez – Has sighting over his home in Guadalajara, Mexico and gets message of Xendra.
  • Carlos Quintanilla – Gets a message of an interdimensional doorway opening. Gets the impression event will occur at 8:30 which was correct.
  • Alejandro Szabo – Gets message five days earlier that there will be a Xendra and draws it with seven people inside the Xendra which was correct. The drawing even uses the word portal as well as Xendra.

Figure 2 Alejandro Szabo’s sketch 5 days before Xendra event showing 7 people in Xendra, four outside, and Paola second from right.

As reported by Paola Harris the programmed event occurred as predicted;

20:00 hours, two UFOs flew parallel over our heads as predicted.(this was filmed and NOSS 2-3 satellites discounted as explanation[1])  It was an omen of things to come. Around 22.30 PM…Ricardo asked us to do a most unusual exercise. We were to chant OM in the Sand Flats under the stars, not using any flashlights, with no full moon in total darkness. We were then to disperse and walk in a limited area for one half hour. In that time we were to select a small rock to place on the peace flag which was created out of stones in the main camp site. Then we were to return to our chairs.

While the group did a meditation task where people separated and then reassembled Gonzalez, and a small group headed for the forest in the direction where the two UFOs had gone. They were looking for the Xendra, based on all the people who had received messages that there would be one. Those that make the trip into the forest to find the Xendra include;

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
  • Fernando Lopez
  • Sol Sanfelice
  • Alejandro Szabo
  • Corinna Muzi

Ricardo Gonzalez described what happened;

I talked to Raymundo and the people in the group who were aware that I wanted to confirm the message about the Xendra. Wasting no time, the group of us, who were involved in this part of the sighting, went looking for the door of light. We went in the direction of the trajectory of the spaceships I had indicated, interestingly, it was in the same place where I was taken inside the spaceship during the experience of August 26, 2012.

We came to a clearing in the forest, where you could perfectly see an illuminated area. We turned off all the electric equipment we had brought with us, including flashlights….although there was no moon that night, it was amazing how the area was lit. It was like a bright carpet that seemed to rise a few inches from the ground. Raymundo and I went on ahead, where we found the Xendra. Fernando, Sol, Corinna and Alexander were behind us. Suddenly, from the middle of that concentrated energy, we were hit with a feeling. A presence… It was solid and real and standing right in front of us. We all saw him.

At that moment, I clearly heard a voice in my head that said, “Yes, brother, I am Antarel. Stop here.”[2]

Ricardo raced back to the group. He gathered the seven people who would enter the Xendra where Antarel was. One of them was researcher Paola Harris. “I noticed my interpreter, Corinna, was missing,” said Paola. “It was that moment that Ricardo rushed over to me and said ‘Antarel is here. My people are with him, do you want this contact? Can you handle it? Can you come to the forest area with me?’ It was a terrifying, split second decision that would change my reality forever. My heart was beating very fast.”[3]

Gonzales stated that he would stay outside the Xendra. The seven chosen to enter the Xendra were;

  • Paola Harris
  • Corinna Muzi
  • Sol Sanfelice
  • Suyapa Reyes
  • Mercedes Gonzales
  • Raymundo Collazo
  • Fernando Lopez

Three others went to the Xendra but did not enter it. They could however see what was going on. These three were Ricardo Gonzalez, Carlos Quintanilla, and Alejandro.

Figure 3 Grant Cameron talks to Raymundo Callazo

Paola described how she and two other women were instructed to hold hands and enter the Xendra which was defined by a mist that was coming off the ground. They were told not to let go their hands until they had entered. Once theu let go of each other’s hands it appeared that they all began personal encounters with Antarel who stood in front of them;

Antarel had invited 2 more ladies and all three of us held hands, walking toward a corner of the dark forest on Mt Shasta. Ricardo shouted back to his group to continue meditating with a friend, who he put in charge. It was quite unexpected for him as well. I was on the right side of the group and as long as I my right hand was in the hand of the other woman, I felt safe. From far away, I saw a light mist rise from the ground, on the left side of a spruce tree. Ricardo explained to me that a porthole had opened called a Xendra.[4]

Figure 4 Many of the players who saw Antarel. Some have not given interviews yet.

The reason only a couple people from the group were taken to the Xendra, as opposed to Antarel appearing to all 165 people gathered there was explained by Antarel in 2012 to Ricardo;

This is stipulated in our protocol for non-direct intervention. Our code of ethics with you, which implies a deep respect for your learning and process on Earth, does not allow us to have an impact on groups of humans in collective physical encounters if the participants are not completely “aligned.” This means that it does not depend solely on us and our contact behavior; it also depends upon your preparation. Physical group experiences are in our agenda but not at this time. In inter-dimensional experiences, by not being totally involved in the physical plane in which human beings base their perceptions, we find it easier to connect with various witnesses. We don’t affect their day-to-day lives. The Xendras have an adaptation mechanism in your brains that is similar to the dream dynamic. That is why they can be assimilated better after all. According to the content of what we want to transmit, it is the “vehicle” of transmission or scheduled experience.”[5]

At the 2017 Shasta meditation for world peace event Paola took me for a walk across a large clearing headed for the edge of the forest where she first encountered Antarel in 2014. She talked as I video-taped.

I tripped all the way down (across the field to the edge of the forest. It was dark. It was very dark. It was 11o’clock at night.  You were allowed to use flashlights. I remember tripping over all this stuff (rocks, plants)…I held the hands of Mercedes and Suyapa. I was worried that I would fall. It was a long walk. There was a baby tree that was right there. That where I had to wait. I came back during the day to figure out where I had been going. I am starting to get the feelings from that night.

I got really scared. I walked a long way in the dark. I remember being here and Ricardo was in those trees over there (points to a spot on the left 100 yards away). They were saying mantras and I remember Sol was walking on the other side of that log (a fallen log that was lying along the edge of the forest – Antarel and the others would appear directly behind the log). I heard Ricardo yell “Don’t touch him! Don’t touch him!”

By the time I got here (to the small tree where she stayed) he was walking like this (arms up like a bird soaring). She was walking toward Antarel. I remember the baby tree. IT is very strange. I can see the whole thing. I can see it all. He was standing right next to that three there (points to tall straight tree on the edge of the forest).

I asked Paola where “the stuff” was coming off the ground. This was described to be the edge of the Zendra where a white mist was coming up. Paola replied,

“Right here.” (indicating an area just in front of the small tree where she would stay). The small tree was about 20 feet in front of the fallen log and Antarel would appear in front of a tree behind the log maybe 25 to 30 yards behind the log. “He was standing right next to that second skinny tree. I was thinking the tree is very straight but he was very straight too. Sol was over there (right of the baby tree with her arms out stretched, so that’s how close I was,” said Paola. “I did not move from this (baby) tree.”

“I didn’t move. Suyapa and Mercedes were with me. I had to let go (of the other two women’s hands. You can talk to Mercedes and she will tell you she turned around and I wasn’t there. I was here. A year later Mercedes said she turned around and I wasn’t there. I can honestly tell you that there is no way that I wasn’t there.”

“I could hear him speak (Antarel). I could hear him talk. It was like an echo. I was opposite him, so he was right there. It was like an echo. Like a bull horn.

“Did you see this as an honor to have seen this? I asked.

No, I was confused. I didn’t know what the protocol was. I thought ‘What am I supposed to do.’ Am I supposed to say Hi? What are you supposed to do, so I think I just kept looking at him trying to understand what he was saying. He had a hoodie on and a dark outfit. He was 10 feet tall so just picture it (points at the tree). He was tall, very tall.

Corinna (Muzi) my interpreter was standing over there. (She points to a spot on the left much closer to where Antarel was standing.)

So I was listening and at the very end he says “T h a n k Y o u” like a robot. Then he turns around and walks right back into the forest. I didn’t know what to do. I thought I was hearing things. I thought I was going crazy. These two women (Suyapa and Mercedes) did not hear him talk. So what do you do? I am not crazy. I heard him but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I only understood the Thank You part at the very end sounding like a robot. He turned around and walked back in.

As I am looking at that (the forest area) I am so sure. This is a real experience…you are not ready for this. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I wasn’t afraid. I was just confused. What do you do? What are you supposed to do? You have Sol who had never seen Antarel in all the years she was with Ricardo, was there walking towards Antarel with her arms outstretched.

I remember thinking ‘Don’t go there! Don’t go there!’ Then Ricardo is over there (to the left) yelling ‘Don’t touch him.’ Then when Antarel turned around to walk back into the forest, Ricardo called us and we went over to that tree there. (to the left of where Paola was standing). He said “What happened?”

I said, “I think he said thank you. I don’t know what happened but I heard him talking but I didn’t understand a word he said.” Later Ricardo said it was ….. That is the language that the Apunians speak. Sol sings in that language.

Paola was moved by her experience but the even was not all about her.

As the seven witnesses left the Xendra and joined the three that were watching from outside the Xendra, Gonzalez stated that the event did not end;

When the group of seven left the Zendra sparks formed around our heads and Alejandro, Carlos, and I could see Antarel again, in another part of the forest.

The other people who were in the Xendra also received messages from Antarel. The experience was totally unique for each of the people. Ricardo spelled out the messages witnesses received in his book Contact from the Planet Apu;

Ricardo Gonzalez’ message – “Do not stop trusting us. We are always with you.

Alexander’s message – “This is just the beginning.”

Carlos Quintanilla’s message – Michael (Salla) in addition to his own work, and Paola should join hands and work together.

Fernando Lopez message – received a vision about the bond we have with old extraterrestrial civilizations.

Suyapa Reyes’ message – She received a great sense of confidence and sensed someone who was very caring. She felt suspended in time and space, and felt a great pressure to her forehead as if something was being placed inside her head.

Raymundo Collazo’s message – He felt that someone had placed something in his hands, a blue energy.

Corinna Muzi’s message – Made her reflect that she had lived in Altia, Siberia, and the importance of continuing to work for peace.

In 2017 I talked to Raymundo about how he and Ricardo found the Xendra after the UFO were filmed flying over and toward the forest. He knew Antarel had was there. “I just felt him. Because he was there. I had experience with him before,” Raymundo told me. I asked him how many times over the years he had seen Antarel as he attended Gonzalez events around the world. He told me “five or more – I really don’t keep count.”

I also did a video interview with Mercedes Gonzales who had been inside the Xendra. “Yes,” she told me she was there and saw Antarel. Had it changed her life I asked. “Yes,” she told me. “I cried for days after it happened.”

Most of the witnesses really didn’t want to talk and Paola helped me get the interviews I got. Ricardo and his wife, for example, turned down my request for a video interview telling me their English was not very good. They were on the record with their story in Spanish so I passed on trying to get them to talk in English.

For all of them this was the first time they had ever been interviewed about what they saw in 2014 and 2015. None of them had tried to capitalize on their encounter which is a strong indicator they saw exactly what they are now reporting.

At the time I was doing the interviews I did not have the names of the 10 witnesses to the 2014 Antarel encounter. Therefore, I didn’t realize that just as we were leaving the event Sunday at noon that I had a long conversation with one of people who had been in the event – Suyapa Reyes. Had I known I would have obtained her story as she was involved in at least the 2014 Antarel event. I will eventually talk to her and the other witnesses involved.

The 2014 Xendra encounter stands out as one of the best UFO stories of all times that supports the idea that we are being visited by some sort of non-local intelligence. It had video, and a great deal of testimony from witnesses who were only feet from the witnesses.

The 2014 event also gives some idea of how a portal/ Xendra works, and that it is used by the non-human intelligence to interact with human beings. The 2015 event did not appear to involve a Xendra (or at least the same kind) indicating they may have been displaying two types of technology that they can use to interact.

Figure 5 Grant Cameron with Suyapa Reyes.



[1] The NOSS 2-3 double Nany satellite is very dim –“Normally these satellites are relatively dim to the unaided eye, observable with 7×50 binoculars,  but on occasion they brighten sufficiently to be easily seen in a dark sky.” Their pass over Shasta was documented to be one hour and eighteen minutes later 21:18:24 -21:33:24.

[1] Ricardo Gonzalez, “Physical Encounter at Mount Shasta, August 26, 2012, http://www.exopoliticsjournal.com/vol-4/vol-4-2-Gonzalez.htm

[2] Ricardo Gonzalez, “Contact from Apu,” Luminous Moon Press, pages 143-144.

[3] Paola Harris, “An Encounter with Antarel at Mt Shasta,” http://exonews.org/encounter-antarel-mt-shasta/

[4] Ibid.

[5] Ricardo Gonzalez, “Physical Encounter at Mount Shasta, August 26, 2012, http://www.exopoliticsjournal.com/vol-4/vol-4-2-Gonzalez.htm

Portal Picture By Josep Renalias – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3349445

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